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The Legend of Xiao Zhuang 大玉儿传奇 Episode 31 Recap

Longge sent a secret letter to Dorgon, and Luzhu asked him to see him at Dafa Temple tomorrow. Dorgon saw Lu Zhu and told her to go far. This is not where she should stay. Xiao Yuer saw that Dorgon looked unnatural the first day, and the next day she followed Dorgon and found that he was dating Luzhu, jealous, and sneered at Luzhu. At this time, Ji’erhalang surrounded him, and Dorgon picked up the green beads and ran away, and was chased to the edge of the cliff with nowhere to go. In order not to hinder Dorgon, the green beads jumped off the cliff. Dorgon was heartbroken.

Yuer always remembered seeing Dorgon’s blood in his study. In a dream, Yuer saw Huang Taiji stabbing at Dorgon with his sword. In a hurry, Yuer yelled “Dorgon” and was shocked. When I sat up, I realized that it was just a nightmare. Huang Taiji heard him truly beside him, and was also awakened by Yu’er’s shout. The person next to the pillow actually called other men’s names in his dreams. As the saying goes, there is a thought in the day and a dream in the night, which makes Huang Taiji extremely angry. Ten years ago, Yuer was afraid of revealing her sincerity in her dream, but she did not expect to endure ten years, but she still broke out. She was very afraid of involving Dorgon.

After the founding of the Qing Dynasty, the emperor Taiji’s harem ordered. The position of the middle palace, the philosopher and Zhe, was improper, Namuzhong’s family, Abadi, made great contributions to the suppression of Mongolia. The side was sealed as the west palace, Hailanzhu was sealed as the east palace, and Yuer ranked at the end of the fifth palace, and the second west palace. Concubine. Zhezhe was injustice for Yu’er, and Huang Taiji intended to make Yu’er the East Palace. After this incident, his anger was still unresolved. He told Zhezhe that Yu’er was too smart to make people guess her heart. How does it feel to get along with her for ten years and get farther and farther with her.

Dorgon worshipped the 10th anniversary of Abahai’s death. He confided his thoughts in front of E Niangling, and he tolerated for ten years to dispel Huang Taiji’s suspicion. Although the hatred is still there, nothing has changed. Huang Taiji is still in the possession of 10,000 people. Above, is it worth everything that E Niang got for her life? Xiao Yuer secretly listened to Dorgon’s confession, only to understand his pain.

Da Yuer always remembered Abahai’s death, and ordered Su Moer to take four plates of snacks that the concubine liked to eat as a sacrifice. Xiao Yuer wanted to drive Su Moer away, but was stopped by Dorgon. Dorgon heard about the canonization of the harem, and Da Yuer, who is usually favored, was only listed at the end of the fifth house, and asked Su Moer what had happened. Su Mo’er was inconvenient to ask questions, but only said implicitly that Yu’er’s real good intentions have always been on you.

Seeing that Da Yu’er was below her, Namu Zhong came to show off, but Yu’er was still unmoved. Zhezhe recalled the past. When Wu Keshan returned to his hometown ten years ago, Wu Keshan said that Da Yuer would be the mother of the world, but he did not expect that Huang Taiji would really become the emperor. It seems that Da Yuer brought her good luck to the emperor. Huang Taiji heard that Yu’er hadn’t complained about the canonization, and he was even more angry. His attitude of being angry with Yuer clearly didn’t care about these titles. He became increasingly unable to understand what kind of woman her Yuer was.

Zhezhe knew that Huang Taiji was sulking and asked Yu’er to apologize to the emperor. Yuer said that after ten years of hard work, she still couldn’t forget Dorgon. She could only be the wife of the emperor, not a lover, and felt guilty and uneasy about him. Yu’er doesn’t care about the status rewards because she knows she is not worthy.

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