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The Legend of Xiao Zhuang 大玉儿传奇 Episode 30 Recap

When Dorgon lowered his head, he caught a glimpse of someone in the back, and knew that Huang Taiji was ambushing the man behind him. Lu Zhu had saved his life, and if he confessed that Lu Zhu was unrighteous and did not answer truthfully, Huang Taiji would not believe him. In a dilemma, Dorgon had to say that this token was taken away when Liaodong was injured and Luzhu saved himself. Only two months ago did he know that Lu Zhu had fallen into the dust, thinking that she was his savior, and thinking that she had repented, he didn’t report it. Huang Taiji suspected that Dorgon was a member of the Qiuye Society lurking in the Eight Banners. Only then did Dorgon know that Luzhu turned out to be the leader of the Autumn Leaves Club.

Huang Taiji threw a knife to Dorgon, asking him to kill himself honestly and not secretly get involved with the assassination organization. Seeing Huang Taiji’s suspicion, Dorgon used a knife in his right hand to prove his innocence with his left hand in order to prove himself. Only then did Huang Taiji finish the test, and he personally tore off the corners of his clothes to bandage Dorgon, explaining that he did so because he was too serious about Dorgon. Yu’er was heartbroken for Dorgon, and said to Zhezhe with tears in her tears, why Dorgon was so loyal and sweating that she still didn’t trust him. Zhezhe said, because of the sweat, there must be no slippage in this position.

Huang Taiji refused to be allowed to become emperor for a long time, because he had always wanted to change the name of Daikin. Sooner or later, Daikin will replace the Ming Dynasty and enter the Central Plains. However, the name of Daikin had too many massacres in the previous Nurhachi era, fearing that the Han people would not be able to accept love. Yu’er suggested quoting the verses from the “Book of Songs” and naming it “The Kingdom of Qing Dynasty”. Fan Wencheng also believes that “Qing” is better than “Ming”, and the title of “Chongde” overtakes “Chongzhen”. .

In the fifth month of the lunar calendar in 1636, Huang Taiji officially announced that Dajin changed its national title to Qing Dynasty and the reign title was Chongde. With the jade seal obtained from the unified Mongolia, Huang Taiji sat on the dragon chair and wore a dragon robe, and a generation of heroes finally ascended to the throne.

Due to his outstanding military exploits, Dorgon is wise and brave, Huang Taiji personally bestowed the title “Prince of He Shuo Rui”. Aji’s complaint against Dorgon, Huang Taiji used him to bring down the three Baylors, unify the kingship, and sit on the dragon chair. Dorgon replied: Everyone has his own destiny, and he is content with his destiny!

Luzhu worshipped in front of his father’s tomb, Jierhalang sent people to ambush early to take the Luzhu. At this time, a masked man raided and rescued Lu Zhu, but dropped a badge of the guard in the palace. It turned out that the masked man was Longge, and he was entrusted by Dorgon to save Luzhu. Jierhalang returned to the palace to report to Emperor Taiji, saying that the martial arts of the man who rescued Luzhu was comparable to Longge.

Longge came and took out his waist card. At this time, someone reported that Yongfu, the guard in the palace, had not returned from the palace, which cleared Longge’s suspicion. Huang Taiji ordered the arrest of Yongfu and Luzhu. Before Luzhu left, she wanted to see Dorgon again. She and Longge agreed to meet at the temple in three days.

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