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The Legend of Xiao Zhuang 大玉儿传奇 Episode 29 Recap

In order to make sure that Hauge was instigating the three brothers, Dorgon was dressed in yellow robes, and the three brothers sat around to perform the drama of enthronment. As expected, He Luo who was outside the account would eavesdrop and went straight to Hauge’s camp. Only then did Azie believe that Hauge was really taking advantage of him.

Haug confirmed that Dorgon had two ambitions and asked him to report to Huang Taiji in Shengjing on the grounds of sending He Luohui to collect grain and grass. Huang Taiji received a good news from Dorgon, which did not mention the fact that he received the Jade Seal of the Kingdom. He Luo will report to Huang Taiji that he suspects that Dorgon is plotting wrongdoing and wants to secretly swallow the jade seal of the country. Su Mo’er heard their conversation outside the door and relayed it to Yu’er. Yuer is worried for Dorgon.

The Jade Seal of the Chuan Kingdom has been handed down since the time of Emperor Qin Shi Huang, and has changed its owner for more than a thousand years. Dajin’s power is getting stronger and stronger. If the Jade Seal of the Chuan Kingdom is obtained by Huang Taiji, then you can claim the emperor in a fair way, and you will have more confidence in going south to the Central Plains in the future.

Minister Fan Wencheng fell ill and did not go to court, so Huang Taiji visited him in person. On the way back to the palace, I met an assassination organization. Fortunately, Ji’erhalang led his troops to rush to the palace. Ji’erhalang found out that this assassination organization was called the Qiuyehui, which had lurked in Shengjing for many years, and some even infiltrated the Eight Banners. Xiyue, the leader of Yihongyuan, is the leader of Qiuyehui in Shengjing. Ji’erhalang finally took out the token that he found in the ruins of the Red House in Dorgun Baylor’s Mansion. Both the passing of the jade seal of the country and the token made Huang Taiji suspicious.

Huang Taiji sighed in front of Zhezhe, all his painstaking efforts and efforts were in vain, and the wolf still couldn’t raise him. Only Yu’er understood what Huang Taiji was talking about. Yuer heard that Dorgon’s army was stationed in the suburbs, and wrote a letter to Dorgon reminding him of the current dangerous situation and asked Xiao Yuer to bring it to Dorgon. Xiao Yuer knew that this letter was about Dorgon’s life, so she could only put away jealousy.

Dorgon received an order from Huang Taiji, and tomorrow he can only take a group of soldiers to hunt. Dorgon doesn’t know Huang Taiji’s thoughts, is he going to attack them? At this time, Dorgon heard the voice of Xiao Yu’er outside the camp, and she cursed Dorgon outside if she dared to bring Chahar’s woman home and let him die. Dorgon had a solemn expression after reading Da Yuer’s letter, reminding Xiao Yuer not to mention this to anyone. Although Xiao Yuer didn’t know the content of the letter, she also got serious. Dorgon read Yu’er’s letter to Azie and Duduo, telling them not to act rashly and be cautious when doing anything. The next day, Ji’erhalang sent troops to ambush early, and only waited for Huang Taiji to test Dorgon.

In order to make Huang Taiji feel at ease, Dorgon offered treasures, the jade seal of the Chinese dynasty. He explained that this jade seal represents the supreme imperial power, and is afraid that other tribes will be jealous and snatch it. Therefore, in order to save their lives, it has never been mentioned in the whole army, nor has it been mentioned in the victory report. When Huang Taiji saw Dole’s painful offering of the jade seal, he was relieved to see that there was no intention of rebellion.

Jierhalang found that the top sign of Yihongyuan, Xiyue, was Luzhu. Huang Taiji approached Dorgon to ask about tokens. Dorgon knew that this was another time to test him.

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