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The Legend of Xiao Zhuang 大玉儿传奇 Episode 28 Recap

Lin Danhan died on the way to escape. Huang Taiji’s current goal is Daming, and he intends to adopt a policy of appeasement and dredging of the remnants of Chahar. There are no permanent enemies in politics, only permanent interests. Huang Taiji sent Dorgon, Duoduo and Haoge with 20,000 horses to recruit Chahar. Yue Tuo sent troops to Datong to cut off Chahar’s access to the Ming army. Dorgon ordered Ezhe’s uncle, Nanxu Baylor, to persuade Zhe to reduce his quota and return to Daikin. Ezhe didn’t want to surrender at all, and instead sent someone to cut off his uncle’s tongue. Ezhe’s Queen Mother Sutai stopped Ezhe and persuaded him to return to Daikin, so that he shouldn’t let his father Khan’s family fortune be in vain.

Dorgon led his troops to search for water sources and set up camp by the lake. Soldiers came to report that many soldiers and horses were poisoned by drinking water. Dorgon realized that the lake had been poisoned by Ezhe, and decided to use it all. Haug regarded himself as Lord Baylor, refused to obey Dorgon’s command, and confronted him everywhere. The commander of Dorgon is shining, but Dudor is very angry. Hauge wanted to make military exploits and was dissatisfied with Dorgon’s policy of recruiting security.

Dorgon deliberately killed some horses by the lake, making Ezhe think that his army had suffered a heavy loss and lured him into a sneak attack at night. At midnight, E Zhe led his troops to the camp. He was beaten by the well-prepared Dajin cavalry and lost his helmet and armor, and he returned in defeat. Dorgon intended to catch it, but did not order a chase. Ezhe still wanted to fight to the end. Empress Dowager Sutai persuaded Ezhe bitterly, that the front and back roads of Chahar’s army were cut off, and any further resistance would only destroy the clan.

If he surrendered to Daikin, Ezhe would still be able to retain Chaharbele’s identity, and his family would no longer want to flee. Ezhe pretended to surrender and wanted to take the opportunity to assassinate Dorgon. But it was taken by Dorgon. Empress Dowager Sutai rushed to upload the jade seal of the country, begging Dorgon to spare Ezhe’s life, and hoped that Lin Danhan’s body would be buried in Chahar. Dorgon promised to bury Lin Danhan.

The jade seal of the Chuan Kingdom is the identity of the emperors of the Chinese dynasties since the first emperor of Qin Dynasty. Since the end of Yuan Shun, the last emperor of the Yuan Dynasty, the jade seal has disappeared, and he did not expect it to fall into the hands of Lin Danhan. Seeing that Dorgon had obtained the Jade Seal of Chuanguo, Aji’e was moved, and felt that they had the capital to fight against Huang Taiji, and wanted to persuade Dorgon to become emperor on his own. Haug knew that Azi had a simple mind and deliberately provoke him.

Hauge told Azie that he was unwilling and Huang Taiji never reused himself. If Dorgon came to the throne, he would definitely support Dorgon. Aji believes it. Hauge’s subordinate He Luo will tell Aji’e that Zhao Kuangyin, the Emperor Song Taizu, was unwilling to become an emperor. It was his subordinates who helped him put on a yellow robe and forced him to ascend to the throne. Ajie can also follow the example of the past and force Dorgon to “add his yellow robe.”

Aji’e took a yellow robe and came to Dorgon’s camp, and together with Duduo asked him to put on the yellow robe and become a king on his own. Dorgon knew that Ajie was just a rough man, and he didn’t even know Chen Qiaodi. How to know the allusion of Huangpao’s addition to the body, Hauge must have told Ajie, he was testing himself, so as to get the three brothers out and whereabouts. Huang Taiji invites credit. Dorgon was shocked in a cold sweat.

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