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The Legend of Xiao Zhuang 大玉儿传奇 Episode 27 Recap

Hai Lanzhu really didn’t want to marry Huang Taiji, and secretly escaped from the palace, wanting Dorgon to marry her. Dorgon feels soft, afraid that Hai Lanzhu has nowhere to take her in. Xiao Yuer understands the stakes and knows that Hai Lanzhu is already the woman designated by Da Khan. If she lives in Baylor Mansion, it will kill Dorgon. Only oneself will be the villain. Huang Taiji found Hailanzhu and asked her where she was going. The simple Hailanzhu answered directly, she came out and wanted Dorgon to marry herself. In order to prove that he was not seizing the love of brothers this time, he pulled Hailanzhu and asked Dorgon if he would marry Hailanzhu. Dorgon lowered his head and replied, “No such intention!” Huang Taiji said with confidence that I can now pursue Hailanzhu in a fair manner.

Yuer apologized to Hai Lanzhu, but Hai Lanzhu was indifferent. Hai Lanzhu temporarily lives in Zhezhe’s harem. Huang Taiji knew that Hai Lanzhu liked flowers and plants, and in order to please her, he planted a garden full of flowers in the backyard. Huang Taiji sighed that although this flower was delicate and beautiful, it was too weak, just like Hailanzhu. In the future, he must protect her well and no longer let her suffer any harm.

Dorgon looked for Luzhu everywhere in Shengjing and found that she had become the leading prostitute Xiyue Yiyuelou. Xiyue said that Luzhu was dead, and he admitted the wrong person. No matter how Dorgon persuades, Luzhu is unwilling to give up revenge.

Seeing that Yu’er was also left out, Namu Zhong deliberately provoke Yu’er. Yu’er didn’t answer her words, which made her very boring. Su Moer saw that Huang Taiji loved Hailanzhu, but Yuer was not worth it. Yuer said, isn’t this kind of quietness what I longed for in the first place? She thought she was sorry for the two men, Huang Taiji and Dorgon. One gets the heart but not the heart, and the other gets the heart but not the person.

Hai Lanzhu was watching the moon in the palace alone, and Huang Taiji also came to accompany him. He looked at Hai Lanzhu with affection and affection. He offered to take Hai Lanzhu to hunt tomorrow. Hai Lanzhu was dressed in a uniform, very beautiful. Longge was speechless when he saw Hailanzhu. Hai Lanzhu was kind by nature and couldn’t bear to shoot rabbits. Huang Taiji followed her advice and let the rabbits go. Hai Lanzhu’s horse was frightened by its prey and rushed down the cliff. Huang Taiji pursued it desperately and saved Hai Lanzhu’s life.

When Hai Lanzhu woke up, he saw Huang Taiji staying by his side, his hand was injured to save her, and there was a little rabbit beside the bed that he saw in the hunting ground. Huang Taiji said affectionately, in the future, as long as Hailanzhu protects this little rabbit, he is responsible for protecting Hailanzhu. At this time, Huang Taiji took out the small silver lock he had found and returned it to Hailanzhu. Hailanzhu was greatly moved.

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