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The Legend of Xiao Zhuang 大玉儿传奇 Episode 26 Recap

Thinking left and right, Yu’er didn’t want Hai Lanzhu to marry into the palace to be aggrieved by her, and felt that it was appropriate for Hai Lanzhu to marry Dorgon, and warm him with her gentleness. Su Moer gave Yu’er an idea and told Hai Lanzhu that Longge was actually a father-in-law, so he couldn’t marry her. Hai Lanzhu Yifa felt that God’s will was tricking others, and her life experience was miserable. Yu’er sent Hai Lan Zhu to Dorgon’s Baylor Mansion and asked him to marry Hai Lan Zhu. Dorgon said angrily, what do you think of me, as long as it is a woman, push me.

Knowing that it was Da Yuer’s idea to give Hailanzhu to Dorgon, Xiao Yuer broke into Yongfu Palace and scolded her. He also clamored to tell Da Khan about Da Yuer’s inability to forget Dorgon. Zhe Zhe came in and gave Xiao Yu’er a good lesson. There are strict levels in the palace, and she can be punished just because of the unreasonableness to Da Yu’er. Zhezhe said to Xiao Yuer earnestly, if Da Khan knew, only Da Yuer was in Dorgon’s heart, and Dorgon would lose his life. As Baylor, Fu Jin has shared his fate with him. For the first time, Xiao Yuer felt the complexity of the political struggle in the deep palace. Although he was not convinced, he apologized to Da Yuer under the aunt’s majesty.

Zhe Zhe didn’t know Huang Taiji’s thoughts, and reported to him that he wanted to bestow Hai Lan Zhu to Dorgon, so that she would have a good home. Huang Taiji was very dissatisfied and told Zhezhe that he liked Hailanzhu the first time he saw it. She was the owner of the little silver lock that Zhezhe asked for six years ago. Now he finally found it, he wanted Nahai Lanzhu to be the side Fujin.

Yuer regretted that Hailanzhu and Dorgon should not be linked together, so that Huang Taiji became jealous of Dorgon again. Hai Lanzhu was dissatisfied with Yu’er sending herself here and there, and was unwilling to marry Huang Taiji. Yuer asked Hai Lanzhu to agree to this marriage for Horqin.

Huang Taiji was a little disappointed to see that Yu’er did not show any jealousy. Huang Taiji told Yu’er that Chu Chu, who he fancyed Hai Lanzhu, was pitiful, and it made people want to protect her. And Yuer never shed tears and shows weakness in front of him, always only the best side. Yu’er understood that his heart was not given to Huang Taiji, and he felt it too. Yu’er told Huang Taiji that she should give Hai Lanzhu some time, because her previous marriage had suffered too much, so she had to take her time to open her heart, and don’t frighten her with King Khan’s majesty.

When Hailanzhu stayed in the palace, Huang Taiji was very courteous to her, offering delicious and delicious food, and satin silk, gold and silver jewelry were continuously given to her. Hai Lanzhu still felt uneasy.

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