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The Legend of Xiao Zhuang 大玉儿传奇 Episode 25 Recap

A group of masked men attacked the sent-off party. Longge led his guards to resist, but he was helpless, and they were all captured. It turned out to be Ezhe, who was obsessed with Da Yuer too much. Ezhe looked at Da Yuer, who finally belonged to him, and said affectionately, I have been waiting for you for six years. Lin Danhan hurried over, yelling at Ezhe and getting the flames to his upper body, driving Chahar to a dead end. Such a ridiculous thing could be done. Ezhe doesn’t care, Chahar is dead, I don’t care about anything. Lin Dan fainted with sweat.

Ezhe annoyed Huang Taiji by attacking Da Yuer. He and Dorgon set off together, determined to beat Chahar’s tribe.

Hailanzhu appeared shamelessly in front of Da Yuer and Xiao Yuer, which surprised Da Yuer. Hai Lanzhu told Da Yu’er that since she got married, Ezhe didn’t treat her as a human being and tortured her everywhere. In order to survive, she must pretend to be crazy. Ezhe forced Da Yuer to agree to marry him, otherwise he would kill Xiao Yuer and Hai Lanzhu, and Da Yuer had to agree. On the day of marriage, E Zhe couldn’t help but push Yu’er, who had tied his hands and feet, onto the bed. At this time, Huang Taiji led his troops to the gate of the barracks, and E Zhe had to fight in a hurry.

Lin Danhan deeply complained that these women in Horqin were confidantes and disasters, because they let Chahar perish. Wanting to kill them, Dorgon and Longe arrived in time. Xiao Yuer hugged Dorgon first as Fujin, but Da Yuer was lost. Hai Lanzhu plunged into Long Ge’s arms. Everyone else seems to understand something. Lin Danhan and Ezhe fled westward into the desert. Huang Taiji knew that Chahar was exhausted, so he didn’t need to mobilize his teachers and ordered not to chase after him.

Huang Taiji was surprised and delighted when he saw Hai Lanzhu. She was the woman who had a glimpse at the riverside six years ago. At that time, she fell in love with her at first sight. Hailanzhu, Da Yuer, and Xiao Yuer returned to Shengjing in a sedan chair. Xiao Yuer offered to get off the sedan chair and talked to Dorgon by taking a step. She wants Dorgon to forget Da Yuer from now on, so she can only pretend to be her in her heart. Dorgon did not express his position, but rather stiffly.

Da Yuer sincerely said to Xiao Yuer, as long as you treat Dorgon sincerely, be a gentle and virtuous Fujin, and believe his mind will be put on you. Xiao Yuer was dubious.

Dorgon got drunk again on the day of his marriage, he turned back to Xiao Yuer, Yuer, my heart hurts so much. Xiao Yu’er is the most beloved princess in Horqin. Where has she been treated with such contempt, I asked Dorgon for what she could not compare to Tai Yu’er. Dorgon left Xiao Yu’er and continued drinking while looking at the cliff alone.

Since Longge rescued Hailanzhu six years ago, she has had a loyalty to Longge. Hai Lanzhu told Yuer that he wanted to marry Longge. Yu’er is going to personally mediate for Hailanzhu. Yu’er asked Longge if he wanted to marry Hailanzhu. Longge had seen Huang Taiji’s thoughts a long time ago, and had to say hesitantly that he was looking at Shanghai Lanzhu in sweat. Yu’er was taken aback.

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