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The Story Of Zheng Yang Gate 正阳门下 Episode 7 Recap

Cheng Jianjun and Su Meng’s family celebrated at home. Han Chunming sent the beloved sticker box to Su Meng to express his congratulations. Su Meng didn’t understand it and let Grandma Su use it for needlework. After he went out, he sat alone on the wall and recalled with Su Meng. Good time together. Su Meng came to Han Chunming’s home and saw that he was not at work. She talked to him and felt that the gap between the two was getting bigger and bigger. Su Meng didn’t want to see Han Chunming’s unlearning and skillless appearance. Han Chunming had an argument with her, Su Meng Get angry and leave.

Afterwards, Han Chunming regretted a bit, but he couldn’t admit his mistake to Su Meng. In 1982, Cheng Jianjun and Su Meng were about to graduate from university, and they discussed the topic of their graduation thesis. Han Chunming rode a motorcycle to Master Guan’s house. Li Chengtao drove a jeep to pick him up to the hospital. Uncle Guan was seventy-four years old and he was greedy for drinking again. Li Chengtao saw Su Meng’s mother in the hospital and Su’s father was very sick in the hospital. He told Han Chunming that Han Chunming stayed and helped Su’s father go through the hospitalization procedures by pretending that his stomach hurts.

Han Chunming asked the doctor about Su’s father’s surgery fee. When he learned that the cost was tens of thousands of dollars, he was very surprised. He didn’t tell Su Meng’s family the details. Han Chunming had to ask Li Chengtao to borrow 10,000. Han Chunming asked Uncle Guan to borrow money. Uncle Guan promised to help him, but reminded him not to take the pole to send the money. Han Chunming knew the truth. The three taboos raised by Uncle Guan benefited Han Chunming a lot. Su Meng’s family worries about the operation fee. Su Meng knows that Han Chunming is rich, but he is embarrassed to open his mouth.

Su Meng and Han Chunming hadn’t spoken for three years. He asked Cheng Jianjun to help Han Chunming to borrow, and Cheng Jianjun agreed to go there and ask. Cheng Jianjun asked Han Chunming to borrow money. Han Chunming said he had no money, but Su Meng borrowed it. Han Chunming handed 30,000 yuan to Cheng Jianjun. Cheng Jianjun was very surprised. Cheng Jianjun handed the money to Su Meng, and also lied that he had issued an IOU to Han Chunming, which caused Su Meng to misunderstand Han Chunming. Han Chunming, Li Chengtao and Cai Xiaoli discussed making money, and they plan to use the opportunity of the Canton Fair to seize the opportunity.

After Meng Xiaoxing met Su Meng, she didn’t care. Mother Han told her not to speak ill of Su Meng behind her back. Meng Xiaoxing felt too tired at home. There were many people who came to propose relatives. She was still thinking about Han Chunming. She laughed and advised her to give up as soon as possible, Meng Xiaoxing wanted to stay.

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