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The Story Of Zheng Yang Gate 正阳门下 Episode 5 Recap

Cheng Jianjun asked Su Meng to attend an educated youth gathering and said that Han Chunming did not intend to go there. Su Meng asked Han Chunming. Han Chunming asked her to give her a shirt to her cousin Meng Xiaoxing, and Su Meng agreed. Han Chunming was late when attending the educated youth gathering, and Secretary Yang came to the stage to give a speech. He hoped that the educated youth would go back and see when they have time. Han Chunming was called to the stage to talk about Yang Huajian’s robbery, and Mao Map bedwetting was also shaken out. Su Meng could see that his relationship was very good.

Cheng Jianjun came to the stage to play the piano and surprised everyone. He and Su Meng performed the evening outside of Moscow, which made Han Chunming very embarrassed. Cheng Jianjun was very proud of playing the piano on stage, and he was intoxicated. After Cheng Jianjun played the piano, he made Han Chunming call his master. Han Chunming had to call Cheng Jianjun his master in public. He lost his face. Su Meng was very upset after he stepped down, but Cheng Jianjun was proud of the spring breeze on the stage. Han Chunming quietly left the party and went to Li Chengtao. drink.

Han Chunming returned home after drinking too much. When Meng Xiaoxing asked him, Han Chunming said in a vague way that Su Meng looked down on him. Meng Xiaoxing returned the clothes to Su Meng when she was angry. Su Meng picked up the clothes and went back to the house. She lay down. It’s hard to fall asleep in bed, and my mind is always with Han Chunming. When Han Chunming woke up, he saw the note left by Meng Xiaoxing. Meng Xiaoxing rode him away. Su Meng deliberately gave Han Chunming the bike in front of Cheng Jianjun. She didn’t like to be with insidious people.

When Han Chunming was harvesting the tatters, he ran into the tattered Hou. He came there at the address left by the tattered Hou. After entering the door, he saw Qianlong’s handwritten antiquities. Han Chunming was driven out by the Tattered Hou when he wanted to. Mother Han was worried about Han Chunming’s usual expenses. His family asked him where his salary went. Han Chunming claimed to have spent all his talks on the subject. Only then did the family understand that when Han Chunming left by bike, Su Meng chased him out. He deliberately Do that in front of the family.

Mother Han wants to meet Han Chunming’s object, and Han Chunming’s eldest sister is going to talk to Cai Xiaoli. Su Meng hoped that Han Chunming would stop doing bad work. She felt very shameless. Han Chunming brought wine to Uncle Guan’s house. He told Uncle Guan that he saw the sticker box, which was made of golden nanmu.

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