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The Story Of Zheng Yang Gate 正阳门下 Episode 4 Recap

Han Chunming knew that the section chief was here for the egg, he took the initiative to confess and asked for another place to say that the section chief told him that the best outcome was to be expelled from the factory. Han Chunming could only consider himself unlucky. When he left the factory, Li Chengtao and Li Chengtao Cai Xiaoli went to see him off. Cai Xiaoli liked him and was reluctant to leave. The director gave Han Chunming the first batch of chocolate bread produced in the factory. He knew that Han Chunming was the most observant in the factory, and some old workers in the factory also Come to see him.

Han Chunming gave the chocolate bread to Su Meng, and Su Meng happily once again expressed his love to him. When Su Meng’s mother came home, Cheng Jianjun said that Su Meng was visiting Han Chunming’s house. She called Su Meng back and accused him. Su Meng denied that she was in love with Han Chunming, and her family also disagrees with the two. Han Chunming didn’t tell his family about his expulsion from Food after returning home. He waited for the next day to ride out and remembered that he was expelled. Cheng Jianjun came to Yili Food Factory and confirmed that Han Chunming was expelled. He was happy to be jailed. The old man poured water all over.

When Han Chunming came to a restaurant and wanted to go to the back kitchen to help, he was turned down. He was secretly watched by Cheng Jianjun when he rode home. Cheng Jianjun waited for Han Chunming to enter the courtyard and deliberately told everyone about his dismissal. Han Mu was a little angry. , Han Chunming was questioned by his family after entering the house. He deceived his family to give the stolen bread to Cai Xiaoli who jumped in line.

Han Chunming was ready to find a way to get back to the personnel relationship. He assured his family that he could find a new job again, and his family was relieved. When Su Meng heard that Cheng Jianjun had spoken out about Han Chunming’s expulsion in public, he approached Cheng Jianjun for questioning. Cheng Jianjun lied about not understanding the situation.

Su Meng asked Han Chunming to find out about the situation. Han Chunming lied that it was caused by the fight, and Su Meng did not change his love for Han Chunming. Su Meng wanted to help Han Chunming issue a letter of introduction from the factory. Father Su was willing to help after hearing this. When Su Meng heard her mother say that Han Chunming was expelled for stealing bread, she felt guilty. Han Chunming’s personnel relations were taken out of the factory. After seeing him, Su Meng asked about stealing bread, and she apologized to Han Chunming.

Han Chunming found a job in a trading company again, and his family gathered to celebrate. Han Chunming got his personal data back after arriving at the company. He could not be accepted because of stains in the food factory. Han Chunming started the work of collecting waste. After hearing Cheng Jianjun’s words, Su Meng went over and saw that when Cheng Jianjun saw her coming, he came forward and explained that he just felt comfortable at the moment, and Su Meng could not understand his thoughts.

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