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Fragrant Years 那样芬芳 Episode 20 Recap

Lin Yue called Rong Fenfang from Beijing and asked Monica to answer the phone and tell her about Lin Yue’s situation in Sanlitun. Her real name is Tian Huan. Lin Yue was the lead singer of the bar there, and Rong Fenfang heard his singing on the phone. Wang Weimin invited Rong Fenfang to dinner. She pushed her daughter to go there.

He liked her daughter very much. Rong Fenfang liked the food Wang Weimin ordered. He always had a good impression of her. Rong Fenfang told her about the current situation of life. Rong Fenfang told Wang Weimin about Lin Chao, she gave him a moment of flame, and she felt that she had only one day of love. Listening to her story, Wang Weimin burst into tears. He let his best friend cheat and go bankrupt. He still doesn’t believe it will be such a result.

After tens of millions are borrowed by friends, he has no news. He doesn’t care about the money. He cares more about people’s hearts. This is the last meal he invited Rong Fenfang to eat in Shanghai. Wang Weimin is going to Shenzhen to work hard again and change his way of life. Wang Weimin sent Rong Fenfang home. He hoped that she could take the child and himself to Shenzhen and proposed to her. Rong Fenfang knew that he was a good person.

He felt that love can be cultivated. Life has taught Rong Fenfang and she has to rely on herself. To live bravely, she has a fear of feelings and does not want others to disturb. Rong Fenfang checked her daughter and found it was congenital deafness. She went home and told her family about the situation. When Lin Yue called Rong Fenfang, he learned of Tongtong’s condition from Jiang Leilei. He gave up participating in the competition and hurried back to Shanghai.

After Lin Yue returned to Shanghai, he arranged for Rong Fenfang and sang her guitar. The people living with Rong Fenfang moved away, Landlord Ding confiscated the overcharge, and Lin Yue rented the house next door to her. Feng Aju also stuffed some money into Rong Fenfang’s hands. Jiang Leilei was about to take the university entrance examination. Jiang Mu knew that Lin Yue came back from Beijing for fragrant, and he promised that she would take good care of Fenfang.

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