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The Story Of Zheng Yang Gate 正阳门下 Episode 3 Recap

Han Chunming borrowed five yuan from his elder sister, and then borrowed money from his second brother, but his second brother wanted to ask the elder brother to borrow money first. When Cheng Jianjun saw Su Meng riding her mother’s car to work, he wanted to give her one. In order to raise money, Cheng Jianjun took the incense burner for Han Chunming to see, but Han Chunming only borrowed twenty yuan, and the two finally sold.

Cheng Jianjun took the money to find a car dealer to buy the bicycle, which was originally taken by Han Chunming. Han Chunming saw Su Meng and Cheng Jianjun riding to work together at the door. After seeing the construction site on the road, he thought of a way to make extra money.

Li Chengtao told Cai Xiaoli that Han Chunming had a girlfriend. After seeing Li Chengtao, Han Chunming talked about the construction site. After get off work, the two went straight to the construction site to work. They drove more than 700 cars in 13 days and got the hard money. The money borrowed is repaid. Han Chunming asked his family to help search for the worn-out bicycle. He reassembled the bicycle and sold it to the repairer, and then vacated a satisfactory bicycle. Han Chunming saw Su Meng riding his bike. The two hadn’t seen each other for a month. She didn’t know what he was up to.

When Cheng Jianjun heard the noise of the bicycle in the courtyard, he got up and went out, but only after he went out, he found that Su Meng and Han Chunming were riding away. Cheng Jianjun chased the car and dropped the chain. When he went to the repair shop, he paid for a refurbished one. Han Chunming’s bicycle was recognized by Han Chunming. The car was sold to a repair shop for 45 yuan. Cheng Jianjun returned home angrily after hearing this. Han Chunming came to Cheng Jianjun’s house to apologize and left the key to the new car. give him.

When Su Meng saw Cheng Jianjun’s new car, he recognized that Han Chunming was riding yesterday. Han Chunming provided cover for Cheng Jianjun. Su Meng quietly told him that he wanted to eat the bread he stole. Han Chunming promised to help her come back. Cheng Jianjun stole from the side. Hear. Han Chunming hesitated while Shun the bread. Li Chengtao and Cai Xiaoli on the side started talking after seeing it. Li Chengtao realized that he was not doing it at all.

Cheng Jianjun used a public telephone to report Han Chunming theft to Yili Food Factory. When Han Chunming got off work, he was interrogated by the leader. After Han Chunming voluntarily admitted his mistake, he was called away by the leader. He had to sit there and write an inspection.

Su Meng did not wait for Han Chunming. Cheng Jianjun took the bread to Su Meng and was rejected. Li Chengtao and Cai Xiaoli waited for Han Chunming at the door of the food factory. Han Chunming was punished and the food factory stayed him for inspection. Cheng Jianjun heard Han Chunming tell Su Meng that he was going to collect eggs and sell them to the factory.

Han Chunming, Li Chengtao and Cai Xiaoli made 500 yuan after collecting the eggs, and the three shared equally. Cheng Jianjun reported Han Chunming again, and the factory leaders began to investigate, and the section chief found Han Chunming to talk.

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