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The Story Of Zheng Yang Gate 正阳门下 Episode 2 Recap

Han Chunming asked Cheng Jianjun to help with the troubles of his work. Cheng Jianjun agreed, but he always regarded Han Chunming as his love rival. Mother Han has been hoping that Han Chunming can find a job earlier. She asked him to buy fruit and send it to the director of the street office. When Han Chunsheng took the money to buy fruit, he encountered a shabby man, and he gave him the five cents. Give some books to Han Chunming, and Han Chunming treats them as treasures.

Jianjun’s father won two jobs, Cheng Jianjun wanted to leave another place at Yili Food Factory to Su Meng, but Su Meng wanted to enter the Children’s Palace, and Cheng Jianjun returned after being lost. Cheng Jianjun happily told Han Chunming that he had found a job. He claimed that he did not like the job in the food factory. Su Meng took Han Chunming to the Children’s Palace. They boarded the bus, but neither of them had any money. When they got off the bus, Han Chunming witty tricked the conductor and dragged Su Meng into Beihai Park.

Han Chunming was eloquent in front of Su Meng. When they came to the lake, they saw someone falling from the boat. Han Chunming swam to save people, and they were rescued safely. Su Meng regarded him as a great hero in his mind and waited for Han Chunming. After getting ashore and changing clothes, the two of them rowed in the lake. Su Meng felt that she was the happiest in the world. This trip made her unforgettable. Han Chun went to the food factory to work very well in the early Ming Dynasty. He met his new colleague Li Chengtao.

When Cheng Jianjun discovered that Su Meng was reading in the yard, he approached him. Su Meng told him about Han Chunming’s rescue, which made Cheng Jianjun a little unhappy. Li Chengtao brought Shun’s bread to Han Chunming after get off work. Su Meng waited for him to get off work. After meeting Han Chunming, he brought her the bread. Su Meng believed he could do well. Han Chunming took bread for Mother Han to eat, and Mother Han was reluctant to eat it. He stayed for Han Chunming’s second brother and sister to taste.

Jianjun Dad knew a section chief of the Labor Bureau and could help Su Meng enter the Children’s Palace. Cheng Jianjun came to Su Meng’s house and told her the good news. Grandma Su also wanted him to do it sooner. After Cai Xiaoli was assigned to the food factory, she was arranged by the director to be Li Chengtao’s apprentice. She did not expect to meet Han Chunming there. The two met when they jumped in line, and Han Chunming rescued her dad. Cheng Jianjun asked his father for help, but Jianjun’s father asked him to go to work. When Cheng Jianjun knew he could go to the piano factory, he was very happy. Su Meng met Han Chunming when he was cycling to the Children’s Palace to work, and she also wanted him to buy a bicycle to go to get off work together.

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