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The Story Of Zheng Yang Gate 正阳门下 Episode 1 Recap

Aunt Han Chunming came to visit from the countryside, and Mother Han asked Chunming to buy 50 cents of meat and 10 jin of noodles to eat dumplings at night. Mother Han is worried about what will happen next month.

As soon as Chunming came out of the yard, he ran into Jianjun Cheng, who was in the same yard. Jianjun told Chunming that there was hope for their work.

Auntie had a stomachache after eating fruit and had to run to the toilet, and ran into Su Meng halfway. The aunt asked Su Meng and her nephew Chunming somewhat interestingly. While talking, Meng Xiaoxing and her sister also ran to the toilet. When the two saw the aunt and Su Yin talking, they directly said that they wanted to order old clothes or something.

Su Yin secretly turned over some things from the house and showed them to the auntie and told the auntie not to let his grandmother know, but Jianjun watched their little actions.

Jianjun went out and went to Grandma Su and the old man said that the poor relatives of Chunming’s family had come to clean up again. This was especially good for Su Yin and gave them all the new sheets at home. Grandma Su was unhappy.

Grandma Su arrived at the Han’s house and asked them to send back their belongings. When Meng Xiaoxing heard that she was about to take the things back, she got angry and scolded Grandma Su. When Chunming came back, he immediately beat up Meng Xiaoxing in a pretense.

Chunming chased out Meng Xiaoxing and told her that her brother was kind, and the beating was personal cursing or love. If you just made Granny Su angry, would you bear it? Meng Xiaoxing asked Chunming to say that he wanted to be like Vasily’s wife, Chunming kissed Meng Xiaoxing under her forehead. Xiao Xing said that she still had a condition for Chunming to take off her army pants and give it to her brother. After speaking, Chunming was about to take off. Su Yin was outside and hurried over to stop him.

When eating dumplings at night, my aunt begged Han Chunxue to find a job in the city. Chunxue said that the fifth son of our family, Chunming, who is looking for a job in the city but requires a registered permanent residence, is still at home. Auntie turned around and said that she couldn’t find a good person. Talking and talking about Chunming and Su Yin. Auntie really likes Su Yin. The family said that living in the same yard basically failed.

Chunming cheated his eldest brother a dollar and gave it to Su Yin, and the elder brother immediately went to the dean to find someone. Chunming took Su Yin into hiding and entered the air-raid shelter. Chunming was happy to hide and said to Su Yin that his eldest brother had always thought he was the smartest in the old Han family. Can he be upset when he left Maicheng today?

The conversation between Chunming and Su Yin was locked in by Jianjun. Chunming deliberately deceived Su Yin to make her afraid to hug Su Yin. Chunming had a way to open the door in the morning, holding Su Yin’s hairpin to easily open the lock.

Chunming listened to Han Mu and the eldest brother outside the door, but the boss was still angry. The boss had to wait until Chunming came back before leaving. Mother Han said she was not afraid of his wife and waited.

Chunming went out to find Uncle Guan. On the way back from the meat and noodles, Chunming watched the child holding something in his hand, which looked like an antique and asked Uncle Guan. At that time, Chunming did not agree to ask for 1 yuan.

Chunming and the woman have negotiated a deal for 40 cents. Who ever thought that the men at home would have less than 40 cents and said that this is the bright spot of copper that can sell 80 cents. When the woman came out with something, Chun saw the light and lost interest.

Chunming really didn’t dare to go home and stay at Jianjun’s house, and asked Jianjun to have a little bit of his work the next morning. Jianjun promised, but the woman who wanted to rob her in her heart still wanted to do her own work.

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