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The Story Of Zheng Yang Gate (2013) 正阳门下

The Story Of Zheng Yang Gate (2013)
Other Title: 正阳门下, Zhengyangmen , Zheng yang men xia, The Story Of Zheng Yang Gate

Genres: Historical, Romance, Life, Drama
 Liu Jia Cheng
Wang Zhi Li, Hao Jin Ming
BTV, Bejing TV, platformIQiyi, Tencent Video, Mango TV
Release Date: 
Jun 4, 2013 – Aug 8, 2013
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The Story of Zheng Yang Gate 2 (Chinese sequel)


  • Zhu Ya Wen
  • Zhu Tie
  • Ni Da Hong
  • Bian Xiao Xiao
  • Li Guang Fu

This melodrama tells an inspiring story about Han Chunming, a former intellectual youth. After returning to his home in the city from the remote village, Han Chunming has tried every means available to make a living, which include setting up a vendor’s stall along the street, with his hard working, Han finally accumulates the initial fortune he needs to establish his own business and wins the heart of his dream girl.

Han Chunming, an educated youth who returned to the city without a formal job, and his friends took advantage of the reform and opening up to start selling clothes at a stall, and with hard work and unremitting persistence, they accumulated their initial wealth and gained love. However, life is not always so smooth. In the process of starting a business, he was tricked, all his money was cheated, and his marriage was in crisis because of his mistakes. With the care and support of his family and friends, he was not knocked down and stood up and worked hard again.

After several trials and hardships, Han Chunming developed his own business and became a successful entrepreneur; in the course of his struggle, he constantly recognized his own shortcomings, improved his cultural accomplishment, established private museums with his wealth, and lost overseas Or the ancient works of art that are on the brink of destruction are protected and displayed to people, and at the same time, they have obtained a happy marriage and lifelong friendship with friends.

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