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Fragrant Years 那样芬芳 Episode 14 Recap

Lin Chao stepped up to say hello after meeting Gao Wentao at the company, and Director Wu reminded him to pay attention to the company’s rules. Lin Chao was not happy in the company. Director Wu asked him to sort out the new celebration plan when he got off work, so Lin Chao had to work overtime again. When Rong Fenfang watched the TV series, she was moved in tears by the drama, and her colleagues persuaded her.

Lin Chao inadvertently met Gao Wentao’s daughter Gao Duo in the company, and sent her back to Gao’s family who had been drinking too much. Lin Chao went back to the security guard and said that the matter should not be publicized. Lin Chao worked overtime all night and fell asleep in the company. When Director Wu found out that he had not finished the celebration, he gave him another half day. Gao Duo came to the company and wanted to invite Lin Chao to dinner. Lin Chao refused on the grounds that he was busy at work. Director Wu asked when he saw the situation.

After learning the situation, he asked Lin Chao to accompany Gao Duo to dinner, and promised to complete the celebration. Gao Duo and Lin Chao were in the company holding his arm when they went to eat. Xiao Lan accidentally saw it. Gao Duo felt that Lin Chao liked symphony and was rejected when he gave him the CD. Lin Chao didn’t like a woman who drinks alcohol, Gao Duo agreed to give up drinking. Gao Duo felt that Lin Chao resembled the temper of her ex-boyfriend.

She told him about the story with her third boyfriend Zhou Dan. Later, the two were separated by their parents. She hated them very much. Lin Chao analyzed the whole thing. He suggested that she go and apologize to the security guard who was beaten, and also to his parents. Xiao Lan accused Gao Wentao of messing around in the company at dinner in the morning. The two had a dispute. Gao Duo apologized to them after getting up. Gao Duo’s changes made her parents feel very strange. She also announced to them that she would quit drinking from now on, which made Gao Wentao very happy.

Director Hu told Lin Chao to go to the president’s office. Gao Wentao learned about Lin Chao’s work status. Lin Chao didn’t understand his deep meaning. He ignored him because he saw his shadow in him, and Lin Chao took his words to heart. Gao Wentao also thanked Lin Chao for making Gao Duo change, and Gao Duo drove Lin Chao back. Zhang Huizhong asked Rong Fenfang about Lin Chao’s residence. Gao Duo bought a Danish mini speaker and gave it to him.

It was his temporary residence. When Rong Fenfang saw Lin Chao and Gao Duo together, the three eyes met. awkward. Lin Chao returned home with the ring. Zhang Huizhong accused him of abandoning her ideals. She felt that she was in vain as a teacher. Lin Chao explained that doing so was to prove that he wanted to make more money.

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