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Golden Faith 流金岁月 Episode 9 Recap

Rongbang intends to wash his hands in a golden basin

Rongtong laments that Rongbang only trusts rare books, and his wife Rong Jiwen encourages him to seek another development. Ji Wen bid for antiques at the auction house to launder money. Rongbang, Rongtong and his uncles were very happy to wash away more than two million yuan. Rongbang intends to wash his hands in a golden basin, and he is overjoyed when he hears the words of the rare book. Rongbang said that good deeds can take over Dingfeng Gold, so he can rest assured. Xiao Yu and his colleague Dai Yuehua twisted their wrists. Everyone bought Yuehua and won.

Only Shoukang supported Xiao Yu. Xiao Yu had a sweet heart. Sir Hong alleged that Dingfeng Finance was suspected of laundering money for drugs. Xiaoyu was shocked and vowed to find out the truth for Tianlan to see who the rare book is. Rongbang took good deeds to visit the goldsmithing workshop, but the good deeds lacked interest. Good deeds went to the Ocean Park to see Weiwei, and had an argument with Tweety. Tweety made Ji Qiang ask him to take him home. Shan Xing was shocked to see Tweetie being chased by a man calling for robbery, and hurriedly drove her away.

It turned out that in order to save the abused puppy, Tweety was moved to take the puppy to the vet and agreed with her to take the puppy and leave the hospital. At Rongbang’s birthday party, his daughter Shanyin played a piece for him. Uncle Fa came to kneel and begged Rongbang to save his nephew Shi Tsai. It turned out that Shi Tsai stole Jichang’s drugs and was seized by the police. Jichang claimed that he wanted family law to serve him, and Rongbang felt embarrassed.

Jichang asks Rongbang for someone, but Rongbang refuses, and Jichang is furious. Rubao was dissatisfied with Jichang’s uninvited visit and frightened Shanyin. Rongbang comforted and said that he decided to wash his hands with the golden basin, and Rubao was overjoyed. Rongbang wanted to save Shizi but didn’t want to offend Jichang, so the rare book came up with the best of both worlds.

When Jichang thanked Rongbang for handing over Shizi, his uncle angered Rongbang for failing to keep his promise and wanted to make a clean break with him. Rongbang couldn’t say anything. Rongbang proposed to close the mountain, but Jichang and Rongtong were both stunned.

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