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Golden Faith 流金岁月 Episode 8 Recap

Rare Book Chasing Love to Australia.

The rare book knew that Rongbang refused Jichang for the future of himself and Tianlan, and he had a decision. Before appearing in court, the rare book refused to testify against Yongji. Shou Kang’s vigor pointed out that his thief was hard to change. Sky blue asked why the rare book overturned the testimony. The rare book only asked her forgiveness, and Sky Lan left sadly. Rongbang knew that the rare book sacrificed love for the sake of family affection, and was upset. Tianlan wants to resign, and sincerely believes that what she should give up is a rare book, not a career, and suggests that she take a long vacation. The rare book is depressed, Yunhyung persuades him to pursue it actively, otherwise he hates mistakes like himself.

Rare Ben knew that Sky Blue had gone to Australia to escape from him, and was frustrated. Rongbang persuaded him to chase Sky Blue and promised to draw a clear line with Jichang in the future. Tian Lan lives at Mary’s house. Mary asked her why she looked out the door from time to time, and Tian Lan did not hesitate to say that she was waiting for a hope. At this time, there were bursts of helicopter sound, and Tianlan saw the rare book coming by helicopter, and there were mixed surprises.

Rare Book promised Sky Lan to give up everything and live a rural life with her in Australia, just like a “legendary of the Condor Heroes”, but unfortunately there is no “pillow bag” he likes to eat, so Sky Blue worked hard to concoct the “pillow bag”, and the rare book laughed blankly. The rare book was about to return to Hong Kong, and Sky Blue angered him for his lack of credibility.

The rare book explained that he returned to Hong Kong to celebrate the birthday of Rongbang and explain Dingfeng’s business. Sky Blue was relieved. The rare book encountered a baggage thief at the airport. It turned out that the thief was his brother’s good deed. Good deeds had just returned from the United States to celebrate his father’s birthday. As soon as he left the airport, he clamored to see his “son”.

Afterwards, the “son” suddenly became a dolphin. Tweety, who was an assistant to the dolphin trainer, forced Shou Kang to pretend to be her boyfriend to prevent her colleague Charles from getting entangled. Tweety borrowed a car from her colleague Ali to play, but she was not impressed by her good deeds.

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