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Golden Faith 流金岁月 Episode 7 Recap

Light Rain, Shou Kang Yuanjia Road Narrow.

Wen Ji asked if the rare book would sue him if Baitao did not return the blueprint, and the rare book frankly said that he would not sacrifice Liv’s reputation. Jae-san and Xia worry that Tianlan will be injured, and they have no psychological feelings about the transfer of Xiaoyu to CID. Shoukang and Shaoqiu met Xiaoyu to copy cards when they were arresting the criminals. Shaoqiu immediately revealed a pistol and hinted that they were colleagues, but Xiaoyu thought they were gangsters and pointed their guns. The three met in a narrow road at the police station.

Xiao Yu accused the two of illegal parking first, and blamed others for not catching the thief. When Shou Kang knew that Xiao Yu would become his subordinate, he smiled sly. Xiaoyu heard that Shoukang and others had a “shrimp fishing operation” but refused to let her join, accused Shoukang of avenging private revenge, and went home to tell the story of being named “Sister Tuogui.” When Xiaoyu wanted to apply to Sir Hong for a transfer, he only knew what a “shrimp fishing operation” was. Hong Sir said that because Zhang Po refused to appear in court to accuse the rapist Jianbo, Jianbo was released, and the public was upset.

Xiao Yu vowed to bring Jianbo to justice, and went to his home to monitor him. She was surprised that Shou Kang was already here, and the two finally arrested Jianbo together. Kunyu asked the client to receive massage at home, and was surprised that the client was actually a rare book. When the rare book saw Shoukang’s life photos, his eyes turned red, and he asked Kunyu about Shoukang’s childhood. Shoukang catches a glimpse of Luo Yongji, the gangster who beat him, and joins Xiaoyu to arrest him.

Rare Book and Sky Blue were invited to return to the police station when they were looking forward to the ordinary life of the future. Shoukang believes that the rare book will cover Yongji. Unexpectedly, the rare book will immediately testify to Yongji, and Tianlan immediately teased Shoukang. Jichang Yongji was his illegitimate son, and Rongbang let him go. Rongbang refused on the grounds of not interfering with the good things, and Jichang left angrily.

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