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Golden Faith 流金岁月 Episode 6 Recap

Liv was the Mistress of Baitao

Tianlan was shocked when she saw the rare book pulling Liv away. Jiachen was ordered to buy abalone and chicken porridge for Liv. She was very envious of the kindness of the rare book to her. Liv couldn’t say anything. Seeing that Tianlan refused to answer the call from the rare book in Shan and Xia, it was strange. Shaoqiu and others discovered that Liv was beaten and beaten three years ago, and the rare book sent her to the hospital. They suspected that the rare book beat Liv and told Shoukang to seize the opportunity to fight against his rivals. Shoukang brought a magazine that reported on the rare book and the Baitao Zheng female fight to find Sky Blue, and pointed out that the rare book had a history of assaulting a woman, and Sky Blue was disturbed.

When Liv learned that his younger brother Minghong, who had become a vegetable, was in danger of life, he was worried and Jiao comforted him. Liv saw the magazine report and revealed that she became the mistress of Baitao. Ming Hong died, and Liv was hit hard. Jiasun encourages Liv to talk with Sky Blue, but Liv says he is not worthy of a rare book.

Tianlan asked why Liv fought with Baitao and what was his relationship with Liv. She also said that she could not see through the rare book, which made her feel insecure. The rare book was hesitant to speak, and Sky Blue left in anger. Liv suddenly visited Sky Blue and pointed out that the rare book refused to tell the truth because of her self-esteem, and revealed the story of being beaten by Bai Tao and the rare book’s grievance with Bai Tao for her own sake.

Tianlan felt sad after hearing this, and said that it is not difficult to tolerate others, but it takes a lot of courage to expose the scars to perfect others, and Liv smiled bitterly. Tianlan made an appointment with the rare book, said with a smile that he had seen Liv, and understood the whole story, the rare book breathed a sigh of relief. Bai Tao was complacent and mass-produced “Feng Sheng Shui Qi”. At this time, the rare book brought the book to the famous stone, to point out that Bai Tao was suspected of embezzling Dingfeng’s design, and then provided evidence that could teach him to be ruined, and Bai Tao was angry.

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