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Golden Faith 流金岁月 Episode 5 Recap

Rare Book Meets His Uncle and Brother Again

Shoukang was promoted to inspector, and Huaigu praised him for his promise. Huaigu exposed the birth history of Guangdong Santai Leopard in a magazine. Rongbangdi Rongtong suggested to teach him, the rare book was startled when he heard Huaigu’s name. The rare book went to the magazine to meet Huaigu and recalled the childhood footage. At this time, Shoukang came and called Huaigu “uncle”, and the rare book was excited. Rare Ben happily told Yun-hyung that he had found his brother, and frankly confessed that he was Rongbang’s adopted son and was separated from his family.

Yun-hyung points out that Shou Kang is the policeman and Rongbang is the side door, reminding the rare book to deal with it. On the way home, the rare book was moved to see Rongbang buying his favorite roast meat in the rain. When the two fathers and sons recalled the past, Rongbang told him that he had saved a rare book who was only six years old and treated him as a parent-child. After thinking about it, the rare book decided not to tell Rongbang, and he was afraid that he would affect his future.

Shoukang heard the rare book whistling and warned him not to play this song again, because this song was taught to him by his best brother, and the rare book was overwhelmed. Shoukang’s beloved copper coin is gone, and the family mobilization can’t find it. Cousin Tweet gives him a bracelet to comfort him. When Liv’s new design “Feng Sheng Shui Qi” was about to be launched on the market, Bai Tao brought a lawyer to Dingfeng, and pointed out that Dingfeng had misappropriated the design of the famous stone, and Liv was surprised.

Wen Ji said that this lawsuit is difficult to fight and does not benefit Dingfeng, but the rare book thinks that Liv’s hard work cannot be done. Liv meets with Baitao and accuses him of stealing the design. Baitao does not hesitate to make her feel bad. Liv asks Baitao to let go of the rare book. Baitao slaps her and scolds her for being low. At this time, Tianlan, who had just passed by, saw the two arguing, and unexpectedly saw the rare book appear and punched Baitao.

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