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Golden Faith 流金岁月 Episode 45 End Recap

Who shot the rare book?

Wen Ji Yi Shou Kang and Xiao Yu did not personally see the good deeds shooting at the rare books, purely speculating as the point of attack. Sky Blue bought a “pillow bag” and returned to the ward. He saw Liv appear and the rare book regained, both happy and worried. The rare book woke up to learn that the good deeds were being tried, and he insisted on appearing in court to tell the truth despite his weakness. When everyone saw the rare book with surprises, Xuelun asked him who shot him, but the rare book said that both of his brothers were trying to protect him.

He hoped that everyone would understand them. The rare book is gratified for the loss of the two younger brothers, and thinks that he has overprotected the good deeds, because he has not fallen and will not grow. Shou Kang said that he had too much burden and it was time to live his own life.

Shoukang went to the prison to visit Kind, and asked him to call his second brother, and the two of them settled their suspicions; then Tweet came and claimed that after he was released from prison, he would change his son’s name, and saw that Kind was willing to accept herself again, and was extremely pleasantly surprised. Xiaoyu wonders that Tianlan does housework frequently.

It turns out that Tianlan said that Liv would wake up as soon as she came back to the rare book, worrying that the relationship between the two was not exhausted. Tianlan went to the hospital to explore the rare book, and was shocked to see that he was holding Liv, and his heart sank. Everyone welcomes the rare books to leave the hospital and go home. Rubao pointed out that the good deeds have a family and urges the rare books to set up a family quickly.

Tian Lan received a call from the rare book, speculating that he had proposed to himself to break up, and forced to go to the meeting if nothing had happened… The rare book took the “Guardian Star” to propose to Tian Lan, and Tian Lan refused and ran home. Shia and Xiao Yu refused, and the three of them asked him questions again, making him dumbfounded. The rare book confesses true love to Sky Blue, and Sky Blue is deeply moved. Tianlan went to the airport to meet the rare books and headed to Australia. He saw Liv took him to France…

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