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Golden Faith 流金岁月 Episode 44 Recap

Rare Book, Injured and Unconscious.

The rare book saw Rongtong, Chicken Ribs, and BRIC, and suddenly they conspired to rob him, calling Shan Xing to rein in the cliff, accusing Rong Tong as the mastermind of the kidnapping, and Shan Xing stunned him. Suddenly seeing the kidnapper who kidnapped him, and hearing the conversation between Rongtong and Chicken Ribs, Shane knew the trick and hurriedly awakened the rare book.

At this time, Rongtong wanted to kill the two people, and the rare book secretly called Shou Kang. Shoukang and his colleagues rushed to the warehouse at Lobster Bay, chicken ribs and others rushed out with guns to fight the police. After Xiaoyu and others subdued the culprits, they heard a shot, and saw Shoukang, Rare Book and Rongtong lying on the ground again, while Kindness knelt on the ground holding a pistol.

Tianlan knew from Mary that it was a rare book who bought the house and rushed back to Hong Kong. On the way, he received a call from Xiaoyu saying that the rare book was shot in a coma and was being rescued. Shou Kang woke up and said that he was attacked from behind and heard a gunshot before he fainted. Good deeds claimed that he killed the rare book.

The police decided to prosecute him for conspiracy to commit robbery, kidnapping and attempted murder. Rubao was sad after hearing this. Good deeds deserve to blame themselves, Shanyin said that if he knew what was wrong, he would forgive him, but good deeds meant it was too late to regret. Tianlan rushed to the hospital and saw the rare book still unconscious. He was heartbroken. He blamed himself for being too late. Shou Kang told the story of the rare book’s injury and fainted even more excitedly accusing him of good deeds.

Seeing good deeds, Tweety denounced him badly, and even revealed that he hadn’t killed the fetus and was overjoyed by good deeds. Rubao advises not to plead guilty if there is no murder, and Wen Ji is also willing to be his defense lawyer. In court, everyone gave evidence against good deeds. In the hospital, Tianlan took the “Guardian Star” given to her by the rare book, and continued to encourage him to wake up quickly, and said to buy his favorite “pillow bag” when he returned. When Tianlan turned and left, the rare book’s fingers moved slightly.

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