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Golden Faith 流金岁月 Episode 43 Recap

Good deeds pretend to change evil and return to the right.

The good deed apologized to the rare book and Rubao, and blamed himself for being instigated by Rong Tong to rob the gold shop. The rare book was pleased to see that he knew his mistake. Rare Book announced that the four internationally recognized Jiudingfeng Gold will be manufactured by the end of the year. Shareholders are overjoyed. Shan Xing proposed to mortgage the shares under his name to the bank for cash, pay off the deposit as soon as possible, and allow the BRICS to be shipped as soon as possible to fulfill Rongbang’s wish as soon as possible.

Shoukang lost his temper to Xiaoyu and asked her if she knew how her lover fell in love with her elder brother. Xiaoyu said that she knew that because her lover fell in love with her sister, Shoukang was shocked to learn that she had a crush on herself. Xiao Yu accused him of thinking that he was the only one being hurt, and despised him for not knowing that loving someone is to make her happy.

Shou Kang accidentally discovers that Guangliang has a crush on Xiaoyu, encouraging him and creating opportunities for the two. Shoukang and the rare book settled their suspicions, and he encouraged the rare book to go to Australia to find Sky Blue. Tianlan knew that the house she had fancyed earlier had been sold, and lamented that she would never get the things she likes.

Mary comforted her and said that Liu Yinhua was another village. Shanben looked at Dingfengjin’s certificate of approval, and felt a lot of feelings. He pointed out that the shipment of BRICs in Japan is very important to them, and the good deeds are also long-awaited. The next morning, the rare book said to Rubao that he had transferred his shares to good deeds. After finishing the wish of Rongbang’s Dingfengjin, he flew to Australia. Good deeds carry the rare book back to Dingfeng.

On the way, he said that he learned a lot from the good. The informant said that good deeds had robbed his own gold shop and was willing to testify in court. Shou Kang and Xiao Yu went to Dingfeng to find good deeds to assist in the investigation, only to know that Dingfeng Gold was being shipped and was robbed in the middle. Good deeds hijacked the rare books to a warehouse, accused him of accumulating wealth and harming himself, and shot him more excitedly.

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