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Golden Faith 流金岁月 Episode 42 Recap

The Rare Book Won the Lawsuit and Lose the Brother.

Before the prosecution and the defense closed the case, Tianlan was thinking hard about ways to save the rare book. Suddenly, there was a flash of inspiration and asked Shoukang to be summoned again for questioning. The result was a successful exoneration for the rare book. Good deeds are not angry and the rare book is released without guilt. Seeing Shanyin’s excited look, she denounces her for being cheated by the rare book like an idiot, and Rubao slaps him angrily.

Good deeds are angry and want to kill the rare books, Rong Tong hurriedly stopped, pointing out that he is not good enough to beat the rare books. Yunhyung asked the rare book why he was unhappy, and the rare book smiled bitterly and said that he won the lawsuit but lost his two younger brothers. Tianlan apologized to Shoukang. Shoukang lamented that she should have discovered that she still loves the rare book, but never intended to replace him.

She was only annoyed that she would not love herself when she stayed in love. Shou Kang asked her if she would love herself if she hadn’t had a rare book. Sky Blue said nothing. The rare book appeared when Shou Kang played basketball alone and vented. Shou Kang asked him whether he still loved Sky Blue. The rare book declared that if love hurts the relationship between the two brothers, he would give up.

Yunheng pointed out that Tianlan went to Australia to travel, showing that the old love was unforgettable, and he asked the rare book to seize the opportunity. The rare book only worried that Rongtong would continue to instigate good deeds and break the law. Rongtong learned that Yunheng was investigating the accounts of the investment company and decided to start first. Shou Kang accused Tweetie of having broken up with the good deeds and forced her to see the true face of the good deeds.

Kindness saw Shoukang and said that it was Tweety who had brought him to the door by herself. Tweety was sad and accused him of being unwilling, and revealed that she would not give birth to BB for him. Kindness was shocked. Kindness wanted to explain to Tweety, Tweety said that she had knocked out the fetus when she saw him. Kindness was shocked.

Good deeds use alcohol to dissipate sorrows, and Rongtong urges him to pretend to be a prodigal son and return to the rare book to retaliate. The rare book showed evidence of Rongtong’s embezzlement of public funds, and the good deed excitedly said that he had believed him wrong.

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