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Golden Faith 流金岁月 Episode 41 Recap

Shanyin is a witness of time.

Sky Blue does not believe that rare books will kill people. Shou Kang pointed out that the evidence, material evidence, and motives for the murder are all involved. Sky Blue went to Wenji to ask for cooperation to defend the rare books. Huaigu and others were shocked to learn from the newspaper that the rare book was accused of murder. Shoukang alleged that he was not released on bail because of good deeds, and Tweet’s heart was confused.

Tweety was dissatisfied with the good deeds and suspected that he framed the rare book, and blamed her for not understanding how sad she was when she knew that the rare book wanted to murder herself. Tweet held him and said that she believed him. Wen Ji believes that the police’s evidence is insufficient, and the most important thing is the evidence of good deeds.

As long as he has a private grievance with the rare book, Tianlan proposes to expose the benevolent’s fraudulent account. The rare book opposes attacking the good’s reputation and can only attack on suspects, otherwise he will change his lawyer. Tianlan went to the Legal Department to accept the wind, Xuelun said that he would never be won by fraudulent means by a rare book again, and Tianlan’s heart sank. Shoukang asked about the situation.

Tianlan said that he was a witness for the prosecution and it was inconvenient to talk. Shoukang asked her if she had reconciled with the rare book, but Tianlan said nothing. Shoukang asked Xiaoyu, and pointed out that Tianlan was more nervous than he knew the answer, and Xiaoyu asked him to bless them generously. Tianlan discovered that the rare book had spoken to Shanyin for half an hour during the incident, and asked Rubao to let her appear in court as a time witness.

Rubao refused. In the court, when Shoukang and Kindness testified separately, Wen Ji pointed out that Shoukang did not want to be selfish and fell into the murderer’s conspiracy to intervene in the crime, and that Kindness hated the rare book before maliciously falsely accusing him. The public was in an uproar. When the court was adjourned, Wenji bluntly stated that the chances of winning were not high. Tianlan proposed to find Shanyin to testify in court. Rare Ben objected.

At this time, Shanyin came and said that he was willing to testify in court. Xuelun Yi Shanyin likes to talk to Xiong Gongzi and pointed out that she had fantasized about talking on the phone with the rare book. Shanyin was accused of being agitated for talking big, and the rare book stopped her to testify.

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