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Golden Faith 流金岁月 Episode 40 Recap

Rare Book Accused of Murder.

Huaigu was shocked to hear that the rare book was about to return to Dingfeng. The rare book said that Dingfeng should not be allowed to fall and the good deeds should not sink deep into the mud. Huaigu was helpless. Yun Heng and Wen Ji persuade the rare book to take Tianlan away and live a life that he likes, but the rare book insists that he does not want to hurt Shou Kang. When the rare book saw Shou Kang, he asserted that he would not change his mind, but promised not to do anything illegal. Shou Kang helplessly warned him that he would not be merciless if he violated the law in the future.

Rare Book and Yunheng suddenly appeared in a general meeting of shareholders and terminated the meeting as a major shareholder. Rare book refers to Dingfeng’s accounts are fake and has the right to cancel the trust fund, such as Bao is stunned, and acquiesced in good deeds and left. The rare book called Rongtong did not need to go to work, and announced to shareholders that Dingfeng would regain control and freeze the investment company.

Rongtong is not anxious to be kicked out of Dingfeng by the rare book, and will use good deeds to deal with him, Ji Wen asked about the strategy. Shan Xing and Rong Tong met the kidnapper who kidnapped him in the parking lot. When they learned that the mastermind of the kidnapping was a rare book, they were impressed. Rongtong took the opportunity to ask him to rob the gold shop again, so that Dingfeng would collapse, and pointed out that the rare book was foreseeable, and that dignity could not beat him, and his good intentions were determined.

Rongtong was blackmailed by a small dog in the parking lot of Dingfeng, and the two entangled Rongtong to kill the small dog. The rare book drove for a drive after get off work, and received a phone call from Shanyin on the way, asking about where to go on a date with Situ Jia, the rare book laughed. Shoukang received an anonymous call, stating that the rare book put the murderous knife into the rear compartment of the car after killing, and then Xiaoyu called and said that a male body was found in Dingfeng.

Shoukang found a knife in the tail compartment of the rare book and arrested the rare book and returned to the police station for investigation. The rare book claimed that there was no murder, but there was no time for witnesses, plus the good deeds to report that the rare book was the mastermind of kidnapping him, and the kidnapper, the dog, was the deceased. He sir believed that there was enough evidence to prosecute the rare book. Shou Kang is troubled by the rare case, and Xiao Yu points out that the case is full of doubts. Xiaoyu accidentally said that the rare book was accused of murder, and Tianlan was stunned.

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