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Golden Faith 流金岁月 Episode 4 Recap

Moriyas deliberately approached the sky blue

After Rongbang went to the prison to visit Uncle Chai, he had mixed feelings and persuaded Jichang not to be a side door, but Jichang refused. Tianlan showed no words to Shou Kang, Shou Kang cheekily asked her to take her for a ride. Tianlan took Shoukang to the market. It turned out that he deliberately brought himself to see the truth for the case of mother-in-law torturing grandson. Shoukang learns that the case of her mother-in-law torturing her grandson has been withdrawn and is overjoyed. Shoukang knew that Tianlan liked to play golf, so he met his colleagues Yang Guangliang and Guan Shaoqiu to practice. They met on a narrow path with rare books, and the two sides had an argument.

Then the rare book passed through the storage room and found that Shou Kang was beaten by several big men, and he was also beaten when he stepped forward to help. Shaoqiu suspected that the rare book sent people to beat Shou Kang, and the rare book was ridiculous. Shoukang knew that Sky Blue already knew the rare book and questioned his professional ethics. Sky Blue was extremely energetic. Shoukang brought his injuries home, his second uncle Huaigu and aunt Yu Kunyu were very nervous, Kunyu wanted to acupuncture for him, frightening Shoukang.

When the rare book carried Tianlan to buy a cake, he illegally parked. Xiaoyu stepped forward to copy the card. Tianlan pleaded with her, but Xiaoyu went on business. The rare book was funny seeing the two sisters bickering. Tianlan said that his father is more interesting, because although he is a science fiction writer, he does not understand electrical appliances, and often says that he can communicate with turtles and plants. The rare book and Tianlan almost knocked down the blue mother Yuan Xia during the chat. Xia asked the rare book to take her on a trip to find out the details.

After returning home, he praised the rare book and made fun of her fickleness in the mountain. Rongbang is upset about the rare book dating with Sky Blue. Rubao asks him whether he is the boss or his father. Rongbang is startled. The rare book brought Tianlan to an elementary school in the mainland to give a gift. Tianlan knew that the rare book sponsored more than a dozen orphans, and felt the kindness of the rare book.

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