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Golden Faith 流金岁月 Episode 39 Recap

Sky Blue Favorite Is Rare Book.

Shou Kang asked Xiao Yu how he was so bad, Xiao Yu lamented that he could do nothing. Guangliang et al. pointed out that there were too many coincidences in the Dingfeng robbery, and suspected that there was another inside story. Shoukang said that it was not a good person to rob his own gold shop with good deeds. The rare book was shocked. Tweety accused him of slandering good deeds. Shoukang said that if the informant had evaporated, he would have been arrested.

Tweety questioned the good deeds, and when good deeds heard the words, they broke up to prevent Shoukang from breaking them up again. Tweety yelled not to break up with Shoukang. The rare book opened the door and asked if the good deeds had robbed the gold shop. Seeing that he hesitated for a while before answering no, I was heartbroken. The rare book decides to return to Dingfeng and asks Yunheng to try to steal the truth book.

Good deeds worry that Dingfeng’s performance will not meet the requirements of the custodial fund, and the rare book can get back the transferred shares. Rongtong said the number can be faked. Tianlan refused to eat with Shou Kang on the grounds of being busy, and Shou Kang insisted on waiting for her in the restaurant and staying there. Tianlan called Xiaoyu for help, saying that he did not want Shoukang to feel that there was still hope. Xiao Yu persuaded Shou Kang to spend no more time on Sky Blue.

Shou Kang said that she was 100% serious about Sky Blue and catered to her, but she went further and further. Tianlan knew that he had hurt Shou Kang, and told Xiao Yu to be happy with the rare book and worry a lot, but it was a pity that he fell in love with him first, and could not look back, and would not ask to return to him. Xiaoyu made an appointment with the rare book, telling Tianlan that he still loves him, and said that emotional matters should not be forced and polite, but the rare book said that he would not hurt Shoukang for himself.

The rare book went to Tianlan Lawyer’s office and handed it the Dingfeng account books stolen by Yunheng. It was suspected that there were artificial false accounts to meet the terms of the custodial fund. Tianlan investigated and if it was true, it would return to Dingfeng to take over everything again. Shou Kang said frustratedly that he didn’t know what he was bad about, but he didn’t want to give up Sky Blue and couldn’t bear it. He felt sad.

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