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Golden Faith 流金岁月 Episode 38 Recap

Shouyao Proposes to Break Up.

Shoukang listened to the confession of good deeds and Yunheng, recalling the situation at the time of the robbery, and seemed to understand. The rare book and Huaigu learned that Dingfeng was robbed and Shoukang was injured. They were shocked and turned to Ding’s house for inspection. Shou Kang pointed out that this robbery was not done by outsiders, and suspected that it was a good deed who robbed his own gold shop.

The rare book greeted Rubao, who thanked Situ Jia for being injured to save her, saying that he would never bully Shanyin because of his honesty. When the rare book asked about Dingfeng’s loss, the good deeds said that no outsiders should worry about it, and the rare book was sad. Kindness worried that Shoukang’s appearance would have an impact, and was troubled by the second deposit of Australia. Rongtong urged him to cooperate with Chicken Ribs, but Kindness flatly refused. Xia sees that there is a problem between Sky Blue and Shou Kang.

Sky Blue admits that she doesn’t know whether choosing Shou Kang is right or wrong. Xia says she knows right or wrong after trying. She points out that Shou Kang is simple and puts her first, and persuades her to seize the opportunity, Sky Blue Heartbeat. Xiao Yu pointed out that the time had come, and Shou Kang proposed to Tian Lan. After Shou Kang dated Sky Blue’s candlelight dinner, goodbye to his parents, Sky Blue reluctantly agreed. The rare book learns that he wants to propose to Tianlan, and feels sad.

Shoukang’s car broke down, and the rare book drove him to the appointment. On the way, they saw a traffic accident, and the two hurried forward to save people. Tianlan rushed to the scene of the accident, only to see the fire blazing, and only worried about the rare book. In the restaurant, Shou Kang proposed to Tian Lan, but Tian Lan refused. Xiao Yu saw the dejected Shou Kang outside the restaurant. Shou Kang said that he would break up if the proposal was not made. Xiao Yu was astonished.

Tian Lan admits to Xiao Yu that her favorite is a rare book, Xiao Yu blames her not to give up Shou Kang, a good man. Tian Lan suddenly loves Shou Kang and feels guilty. When Huaigu returned home, Shoukang was in a trance and worried.

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