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Golden Faith 流金岁月 Episode 37 Recap

Good Deeds Robbing Dingfeng Gold Shop.

The gold price fell sharply, good deeds excitedly praised Yunheng’s vision, but Rongtong complained in his heart, only to encourage good deeds to make more money. Situ Jia sent Shanyin home, and the two showed love to each other. When Situ Jia wanted to kiss Shanyin, she was stopped by Rubao who had just returned. Shanyin confessed that she liked Situ Jia, and Rubao was shocked to dismiss him with good deeds, and Shanyin accused her of being unreasonable. Rubao gives Situ Jia a raise, so that he can defend himself and retreat when he is in trouble, otherwise he will be fired.

Shanyin ran away from home to find a rare book. Rare book took her to meet Situ Jia. Situ Jia accused her of not leaving, saying that Rubao opposed their relationship because he was not good enough. He was afraid that he could not take care of Shanyin and would slowly change her. Views, rare books are appreciated. When Baoxi sees Shanyin go home, the mother and daughter are relieved.

Rubao finds that Tweety is dating Tweety and asks him if he would mind that Tweety is Shoukang’s cousin, and that she only cares if Tweety loves him. Rongtong was distressed about how to fill in the numbers, just as the September 11th incident occurred in the United States, he shouted for God’s help. The price of gold rose sharply, and the good deeds suffered heavy losses. I regret not listening to Yunheng’s words to close the position. Rongtong urged him to cooperate with Chicken Ribs to rob the gold shop to fill in the money, so as not to be found out by shareholders embezzling Dingfeng’s money and refuse to do good deeds.

Seeing the good deeds, Tweety tried hard to unravel him, and said that he would do everything to make him happy. Shou Kang saw that Tweety was still in association with good deeds and was unhappy. Rongtong was still hesitant to see the good deeds and asked him to ask the rare book for help to stimulate him. Good deeds did not want to be viewed by the rare book, so he resolutely agreed.

Good deeds went to the gold shop to prepare to meet with the outside, and saw Shou Kang coming and warned him not to entangle Tweet again. At this time the robbers rushed in. When the robbers hijacked him, the good deed shouted A sir to save me. Shou Kang was knocked out by the robbers after his identity was exposed.

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