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Golden Faith 流金岁月 Episode 36 Recap

Sunyin suffers from “Heart Disease”.

From Yunheng’s mouth, the rare book knows that there are difficulties in cash turnover for good deeds, and his heart has a decision. The rare book wanted to negotiate with Australia to postpone the deposit for two months, during which he would pay the interest. When Tianlan saw him post money to keep Dingfeng and good deeds, he shook his head and sighed.

Shou Kang took the rare book to the tea room to drink tea, frankly confessing that he was very happy after acquainting with the rare book, and would no longer be under pressure from the incense lamp. Good deeds strange that the investment company suffered a severe loss, and ordered Rongtong to sell the gold and liquidate the position immediately.

Tweety asked her excuse for not seeing her when she was busy, and she vowed to be serious about her, and Tweety let go. Rong Tong couldn’t figure out why he should sell gold for good behavior, and Ji Wen encouraged him to use the money to buy stocks. Seeing Rubao buy the egg rolls he loves, Yunheng resolutely says to quit his job to start a business, so that he deserves the woman who fell in love with him. Rubao is surprised. When Rubao arrived at Yunnian’s home, he was surprised to learn that the woman who fell in love with Yunheng was himself. He clarified that he was only a good friend. Yunnian and Jiarui teased him for oozing, but Yunheng was relieved.

Tian Lan asked Shanyin why she was so depressed, Shanyin said that she had a heart attack, because every time she saw Situ Jia, her heart beat faster, and Tian Lan suddenly fell in love with her boss Situ Jia. Because of the light rain, Tianlan decided to make some soup for Shoukang to drink. When she encountered a rare book in the market, the rare book asked Ying to teach her how to cook pig lung soup. Shou Kang asked Tian Lan to go to the holiday house to spend the world of two, and prepared a candlelight dinner, even more fantasizing about getting close to Tian Lan.

After the meal, the two danced drunkly. When Shou Kang asked her if she could develop further, Tianlan suddenly had stomach cramps. The next day Shou Kang asked Sky Lan’s situation. Xiao Yu said that he had some motives in his mind that made Sky Lan nervous and stomach cramps. Shou Kang argued that this was a normal reaction. The rare book is a peacemaker for Shanyin and Situ Jia, making the two of them reconciled as before.

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