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Golden Faith 流金岁月 Episode 35 Recap

Wishing Prosperously Old into the Flowers.

The rare book said that the kissing fish was sent by Situ Jia, and Shanyin apologized to him. He said that there is an inspector vacancy in East Kowloon, and he has recommended Shou Kang, who is overjoyed. When his colleagues celebrate Shou Kang’s love career, Xiao Yu urges him to get married soon. Guangliang means that Xiaoyu cares too much about Shoukang, Xiaoyu does not hesitate to say that if you love someone, you will make him happy.

The rare book frankly knows that Tweety and Good Deeds truly love each other and will not oppose it. Tweety is overjoyed. Shoukang laughed at Mimi while eating, and said that if he was promoted successfully, he would propose to Tianlan. Shanben was sad but congratulated him. Situ Jia accidentally pushed down the cake Shanyin sent, and Shanyin left angrily when she saw it. Situ Jia took her kissing fish to coax her, and asked her to go out in the sun.

The two renamed the kissing fish in the park. Shanyin accidentally overturned the fish tank. Situ Jia was rescued immediately. Shanyin kissed him gratefully. The two felt strange to each other. Shanyin avoids seeing Situ Jia, but Situ Jia is confused. Good deeds are troubled by cash turnover. Rongtong said that they can negotiate with the gold merchants to delay the settlement, but Australia has nothing to do with the second deposit of Dingfeng Gold. Shanyin said that she can ask for help from rare books.

Good deeds means that they will not ask outsiders for help. Rubao suggested that she come forward to ask Yunheng for help, but Kindness reluctantly agreed. If Bao asked Yunheng’s views on the investment company’s loss of money and how to deal with it, Yunheng suggested that it should be profitable to close the position at the end of the month. Rubao asked Yun Hengdo to take care of his good deeds, and praised him for his patience and willingness to listen to his grumbles and take him across the road.

Yun Heng revealed that a widow fell in love with him, and Yun Nian urged him to accept it without much scruples. Wen Ji asked Yunheng who the woman was, and poured cold water on her, and luck was over. Yunheng fell asleep while waiting for the meal, and dreamed of dancing with Rubao, awakened by surprise.

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