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Golden Faith 流金岁月 Episode 34 Recap

Rare Ben Moriyas Brothers Meet.

The rare book is frustrated that he has been thinking about the Ding family, even sacrificing love, and today he has become a thorn in the eye. Tianlan pointed out that life is his own rather than others, and he persuaded him to try to let them go their own way. Wen Ji and Yunheng learn that Rare Ben wants to resign, so they rushed in. Good luck stayed behind and stared at the good deeds for him.

The rare book delivers a letter of resignation to Rubao and Shan Shan and will hand over all the property, but it is okay to reiterate the will, Shan Shan said coldly that it should have been so, and the rare book smiled bitterly. Shanyin knew that the rare book was going to move away, and cried to hold him. The rare book reluctantly looked back at the big house, turned around and saw Shou Kang, Shou Kang said to pick him up to Zhong’s house, and called him his eldest brother, Shan Ben was excited.

The Zhong family warmly welcomed the rare book, and the rare book said that the happiest thing is to recognize him. Shan Xing took over as chairman and announced the establishment of an investment company to be managed by Rongtong. Knowing that Yun Heng was transferred to work on the shop floor, he threw darts to vent his anger, and clamored for resignation.

The rare book comforted him that he could not be without his informant, and Wen Ji also told him to bear the humiliation. Shou Kang asked Tianlan to go home to eat hot pot, worried that she would feel embarrassed when she saw the rare book, and Tianlan said that they were friends when they met again. The rare book also showed Shou Kang that he had become a good friend with Sky Blue, and praised him for putting Sky Blue first, but he never could. The rare book took out the secret soy sauce, which was praised by the public. The rare book said that he plans to concoct a series of sauces to launch on the market.

Tianlan encouraged him to develop into the food industry, and Huaigu asked him to write a food column. Xiao Yu saw the rare book sending Tian Lan home and talked happily, worried that their old relationship would return. The rare book learned from Situ Jia that Shan Yin was sick, so he took the kissing fish to visit her, and asked her to forgive Situ Jia, explaining that her quarrel with Shan Yin had nothing to do with Situ Jia, and Shan Yin let go.

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