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Golden Faith 流金岁月 Episode 33 Recap

Good Acts Accuse Rare Books, Falsify Wills.

Shou Kang questioned Huaigu, and Huaigu did not hesitate to say that the rare book was his brother. Tianlan came to relieve him, but Shou Kang said that the two worlds were different and it was difficult to accept that such a big brother suddenly appeared. The rare book asked Shou Kang’s reaction, and Tian Lan pointed out that he was still contradictory and moved him sincerely with the rare book. The rare book believes that Rongtong must use this opportunity to compete for property, worrying that Rongbang’s last wish will fail.

Yunheng said that the loan has been approved and the Dingfeng Gold Plan can be started. Chicken ribs then urged Rongtong to join in money laundering, and Rongtong said that he would act by kicking away the rare book. Rongtong suspected that Rongbang’s will was problematic, saying that his first will made ten years ago was to evenly distribute the family property.

If you don’t believe in the good book, Rongtong would change the will without authorization, but Good Deeds and Rongtong insisted on asking a lawyer to find out. Attorney Jiang, the representative of Kindness and Rongtong, questioned the authenticity of Rongbang’s second will and did not rule out taking legal action. Attorney Xu and Tianlan were stunned. Tianlan deliberately let Shoukang meet with the rare book, and Shoukang reacted coldly.

Tianlan pointed out that it was not good for him to go to court for disputes over property. The rare book believed that it was Rongtong who instigated good deeds to fight for property, and Shoukang blamed the rare book for being too harsh. Huaigu and Kunyu both spoke good things about rare books, and even suggested that he move to live in a good family reunion, and Shoukang was unhappy. Attorney Jiang stated that he would apply for the invalidation of the will and execute the first part of the will.

Rubao advised the rare book to admit that the first part of the will is free from harm, and the rare book refused. Reporters scrambled to question the issue of property, and good deeds expressed that they would strive to the end. Shanyin disappears suddenly, and Rubao is worried that she will be kidnapped again. Situ Jia was surprised to see Shanyin, and Shanyin cried out why she didn’t want to go home. When she saw that Situ Jia wanted to secretly call the rare book, she lost her temper and left and was almost hit by a car. Fortunately, the rare book appeared in time.

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