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Golden Faith 流金岁月 Episode 32 Recap

Rare Books Fall into Rongtong’s Trap.

Yun-hyung suspects that Rongtong revealed to Rubao that the rare book is not Rongbang’s biological son, and the rare book speculates that he still has something to do with it. The rare book received 30 million extortion from the kidnappers, and everyone was shocked. The rare book wanted to report to the police and was blocked by Rubao and Rongtong, fearing that it would tear the ticket. Tweety learns that Shan Xing has been kidnapped and goes to Shou Kang for help.

Shou Kang made a rare meeting and asked him to cooperate with the police to catch the kidnappers. When Rongtong saw the two together, his expression changed. When the rare book was ready for the ransom, the kidnappers called him angrily and called the police, clamoring to tear the ticket, Rubao was shocked and let Rongtong pay the ransom. Rongtong turned and left, and Ji Wen came next and pointed out that the private investigator found out that the rare book and Shoukang were brothers, and Rubao was surprised.

The kidnapper found that the ransom was all blank except for the surface, and fell into the sea when doing good deeds entangled with the kidnapper. Rongtong came back with injury and said that good deeds fell into the sea and did not know where they ended. When Bao wanted to call the police for help, good deeds came back soaked, and when he saw the rare book, he threw his fists at each other, sadly asked him why he didn’t save himself, and called the police again.

The white paper was used as the ransom, Rubao blurted out that the rare book was not the last name Ding, and his good deeds were wrong. Rongtong and Ji Wen immediately added salt and vinegar, saying that the rare book did not save the good deeds in order to annex the Ding family property, and the rare book wanted to be unable to argue. The rare book played basketball and vented, lamenting that he had fallen into the game of two birds with one stone set by the Rongtong Club, but he was determined to fulfill Rongbang’s last wish to turn Dingfeng Gold into 999.9 pure gold.

Yunheng supported it, but Wenji was helpless. Kindness drove out to relax. Tweety was very happy when he saw him, and she confessed that she loved him very much, and Kindness was moved. The next morning, Shoukang saw Kindness take Tweety home and warned him not to approach Tweety again. Kindness broke out that Shoukang and Rare were brothers, and Shoukang stood on the spot.

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