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Golden Faith 流金岁月 Episode 31 Recap

Kindness is Suddenly Kidnapped.

Yun Heng pointed out that Rong Tong owed a lot of gambling debts outside, and he was careful with rare funds. At this time, the two learned that Rongtong had used Dingfeng containers to transport personal belongings, and suspected that he had used the same technique to transport drugs. The two hurried to the container terminal and found that the goods were motorcycles ordered by Rongtong and sent to Shan Xing. Rongtong took advantage of the topic and clamored to leave Dingfeng. He had a deeper resentment towards the rare books after the good deeds.

When Tianlan was dealing with the cemetery, he discovered that the rare book had bought the cemetery for a couple of Zhong’s. Later, he knew that the couple was actually Shoukang’s parents, and asked the rare book. The rare book admitted that he was Shoukang’s biological elder brother, and Tianlan was surprised. Kindness engages in confrontation during a meeting, and draws a doll and leaves on time. The rare book is helpless. Shanyin takes Tweety and Shanyin to the beach to play, Tweety kisses Shanyin, and Shanyin makes fun of the two for “playing with kisses”.

Tweety explains what dating is, but Shanyin still doesn’t understand. Situ Jia went to the beach as a volunteer to pick up trash. Shanyin yelled for help and almost fell. Situ Jia helped her quickly, and Shanyin felt strange. It was the night, Shanyin asked her to teach her how to date people. Good deeds strongly opposed the investment in Dingfeng Gold at the general meeting of shareholders, and the shareholders were also shaken by the feelings of the good original. Therefore, the good deeds acted their own way as the major shareholder and were angry.

The rare book saw Shanyin and Situ Jia eating their own lunch box together, and suddenly someone was Situ Jia, and when he heard that he was actively studying, his heart appreciated. Ji Wen said that she heard the rumor that the rare book was not Rongbang’s biological son, and suggested to find a private investigator to investigate. Rubao felt uneasy and asked Yunheng about it. Yunheng thought that someone wanted to affect Dingfeng’s morale, so he spread the rumors. Kindly went to the parking lot to pick up the car, and was suddenly taken aboard a truck with gunny bags.

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