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Golden Faith 流金岁月 Episode 30 Recap

Rare and Good Brothers Are Evil.

Tweety took good deeds to the ballroom to relax. Tweety was assaulted by a golden-haired man when the two danced. While good deeds were arguing with him, Shou Kang led the crowd to investigate the scene. Good deeds were found hiding in Maruzi and taken back to the police station. Kindness means being framed by the Golden Retriever, and Tweet also accused him of being wronged. Shou Kang was annoyed that she would go to different places and be harsh to her. Good deeds and Tweety were released.

The Huaigu people called Tweety to alienate good deeds, saying that he was not a good person, and that good deeds could not figure out his mind. Later, he suddenly knew about the death of a person, thinking that the rare book was spreading around and was unhappy. Huaigu resolutely opposed Tweety dating Shan Shan, and revealed to Kun Yu that Shan Shan had killed someone and left without paying attention, and he happened to be heard by Shou Kang.

Rubao sees that the good deeds are incompatible with the good works, and persuades the good deeds to be considerate of the good works for the Ding family. Seeing that she only speaks good things for the rare book, Shan Xing feels even more dissatisfied, and Rong Tong provokes discord. Ji Wen was warned by a tasteless subordinate to pay off the debt. Chicken ribs persuaded Rongtong to cooperate in money laundering again, and Rongtong said he would wait for the opportunity.

Jia Rui persuaded Kind to dismiss Tweet, but Kind hesitated. Afterwards, seeing Shou Kang forcing herself to leave Tweety, and deliberately hugging Tweet that she would not give up, Tweet was overjoyed. Tweety blamed her family for wearing colored glasses to see good deeds, and she was extremely angry. At the general meeting of shareholders, Rongtong and Good Deeds pointed out that the funds invested in Dingfengjin were too large, and the use of Rubao’s properties was too risky.

Rare books invited Rubao to attend the meeting. Rubao said the reason for supporting the rare book, and the good deeds are not happy to leave. Rongtong accidentally knew that the rare books and good deeds were not brothers, and deployed a plan to seize production. The desire and good deeds are cultivated well, but the good deeds reacted coldly, and they deliberately introduced Tweety as his girlfriend, and the rare deeds were helpless.

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