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Golden Faith 流金岁月 Episode 3 Recap

Rare Book, Sky Blue Releases the Past

The rare book chose to defend himself and argued that if using money to help others constitutes a crime, he questioned how the law defines the values ​​of justice and good deeds. Rare Book and Sky Blue met outside the court. Sky Blue claimed that his being found innocent did not mean that he was not guilty. The Rare Book retort was caused by her ignorance of herself. She agreed to eat a “pillow bag” in the restaurant the next day. On the way back home, Tian Lan saw a policewoman chasing a thief and helped her scold the thief even more.

The policewoman looked at Tian Lan with excitement. It turned out that the policewoman was Tian Lan’s sister, Xiao Yu. Tianlan went home and saw his father looking for the missing turtle everywhere in the mountain, and sent him to say that the turtle had gone to the fourth dimension. The next morning, the rare book waited for the sky blue in the restaurant until the last “pillow bag” was sold out.

At the press conference of the “Pearls and Treasures Charity Auction”, Xiong Baitao, the owner of Mingshi Jewelry, was deliberately late and hinted that Dingfengbao was stolen goods, and the rare book announced that he would withdraw from the auction for the sake of peace. Tianlan went to the restaurant but saw no rare book, called him to blame him for not keeping his word, and then saw the takeaway “pillow bag”, sweetheart. Dingfeng’s jewellery designer Gui Lifu came back on business, and the rare book personally started to cook for her.

During the dinner, Tian Jiarui, the granddaughter of the lucky year, praised the rare book for her special concern for Liv from time to time, and the rare book felt embarrassed. At the auction, Baitao’s eyes drifted to Liv from time to time, and then deliberately bid for the jewelry designed by Liv, Liv felt uneasy. Rongbang was a big hit at the auction, and Baitao was secretive. Bai Tao teased the rare book for wearing his old shoes, and the rare book angered him for not insulting Liv. Seeing his wife, Bai Fanghui, Bai Tao implied that he had never forgotten Liv, and slapped her angrily.

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