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Golden Faith 流金岁月 Episode 29 Recap

Tweety Enters Dingfeng and Approaches Good Deeds.

Shou Kang apologized for misunderstanding Sky Blue, and Sky Blue took the initiative to take photos with him, and Shou Kang was overjoyed. Shoukang came back to show off with the sticker, Tweety was greatly stimulated, and Kunyu encouraged her to actively pursue the man she liked. Tweety took a photo of the dolphin on a date with good deeds, but couldn’t contact him, so Jiarui was the only one to pass the message. Rare book instructs Good Deeds to be responsible for making market analysis reports, but Good Deeds were pushed back by busy investing in company plans, but failed.

Jia Rui forgot to tell Shan Xing that Tweety was waiting for him, and rushed to the restaurant, but Tweety misunderstood her as a stalker, and Jia Rui was angry. Tweety knew that Dingfeng had hired junior clerk in the design department and had a decision. Shoukang was dissatisfied with his family’s occupation of Sky Blue and hindered the world of the two of them, so he kissed Sky Blue in public, and the people let them be alone. Jia Rui was surprised to learn that Tweety was a newly hired clerk, and quarreled with each other.

Tweety is eager to help, but Jia Rui gives in. It turned out that Jiarui saw that Bian Cuier could not be done, and wanted to teach her a lesson. Seeing that Tweety hadn’t made a report, Shan Xing was worried, Jia Rui comforted and said that he had prepared a copy. The rare book received the report, but Tweety handed it over in time, and was praised by the rare book and good deeds. Huaigu called the rare book to find out who Tweety’s sweetheart was.

The rare book heard the voices of Tianlan and Shoukang from the phone. Seeing that the rare book is lonely and boring, Rubao tells him to go to France to find Liv and propose marriage, and the rare book hesitates. Good deeds handed over the investment company’s plan to the rare book, hoping that he would put it forward at the shareholders meeting. The rare book stated at the conference that it was applying for Dingfeng Gold to become the recognized qualification of 999.9 pure gold, which required a lot of funds, so the investment company plan had to be shelved, and the good deeds were unhappy and went away.

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