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Golden Faith 流金岁月 Episode 28 Recap

Liv’s spirit is troubled.

Liv sees Jinshui and tries on the wedding dresses in the workshop, and all sees Baitao, and her spirit is troubled. Liv revealed to the psychiatrist that she felt very happy to be married to a rare book, but Baitao could not be ignored. The psychiatrist pointed out that the rare book and Bai Tao are part of her history. If you want to forget the unpleasant memory, you must forget the rare book together. Liv decided to leave Hong Kong to study in France.

The rare book respected his decision, but Rubao was puzzled. The rare book sent him off in person. Liv said that he would come back with a brand-new Liv, hoping that he would not only be a friend in the future, and persuaded him to be himself, not just a kind and righteous person, the rare book silently. The rare book saw Tianlan and Shoukang dating to buy a turtle on the street, and was very sad. Xia played badly in the mountain’s cooking skills, and asked the second girl for help in the mountain.

Shoukang gave the police model to Tianlan, and told her to call the model to see him. Tianlan held the model and the guardian star, thinking of the happy time with the rare book, and felt sad. Shoukang asked Tianlan to go home to eat hot pot and see her parents. Tianlan declined without being mentally prepared; Shoukang asked her to take a photo of “photographs” together. Tianlan pointed to boredom and Shoukang felt disappointed.

Shou Kang inadvertently knew that Rare Book and Liv had broken up, and Tweety was alarmist, and felt depressed because of the lack of progress in the relationship with Sky Blue. Seeing Shoukang’s head down, Xiaoyu asked why, Shoukang frankly told each other. Xiao Yu pointed out that Shou Kang had a crisis of confidence, and Tian Lan was silent. Shoukang said frankly that the rare book and Liv had broken up. If Shi Tianlan wanted to reconcile with the rare book, he had to send his blessings.

Tianlan said that he had to consider it carefully and said that fortunately, the relationship between each other is not deep. If the breakup should not hurt him, Shou Kang heard that Pain in my heart. Shou Kang Qiangyan went home with a smile, seeing the sky blue.

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