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Golden Faith 流金岁月 Episode 27 Recap

Admitting Mistakes at Shan Xiang Xiah.

The Ding family actively prepares the wedding for the rare book, and the rare book frankly wants to find a new home for the two. The rare book showed Liv to see the new home, but Liv yelled in panic when he saw Baitao. Liv was worried about the hallucinations, and Jia Rui comforted that it was a premarital phobia. For example, Baotolifu takes care of Shanyin, who is bored reading the newspaper in every possible way, and when she sees a fast food restaurant hiring a clerk, she goes to apply for the job alone.

The rare book and others found that Shanyin was missing, and was shocked. Rubao forbids Shanyin to be a clerk, and Shanyin is dissatisfied with her distrust of her abilities. Rare books and others lobbied Rubao to let Shanyin go to work in Dingfeng. Seeing that Jaeshan has been late to apologize, Xia turned her grief and anger into appetite. She ate until she vomited.

Tian Lan received a call saying that Xia committed suicide, and was shocked, but Jae Shan thought it was a bitter trick and would not recognize the low prestige. Tianlan and Shoukang hurried to Yunnian’s home. When Tianlan saw Xia foaming at her mouth, they called for an ambulance. Many people evaded him. Shoukang saw the trick, so he tried his best and insisted on carrying Xia to the hospital. Jae-shan was uneasy at home, and finally rushed to the hospital.

When he saw Xia was about to go for gastric lavage, he was panicked and confided to her, Xia snickered. Shou Kang took the opportunity to ask Tian Lan to cherish the happiness in front of him, and Tian Lan finally accepted his love. Shanyin takes Qi Xiong to work, and even says that Daddy Bear is her patron saint. Shanyin was ordered to send a bag of broken diamonds to the vault, but she forgot to do business because of playfulness, and even lost the broken diamonds.

Situ Jia angrily accused her of not having a sense of responsibility and helped her find the broken diamonds. Later, she encouraged her to build confidence by herself, not Relying on the patron saint, Shanyin is grateful and taught.

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