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Golden Faith 流金岁月 Episode 26 Recap

Suspect Xia and Apricot Go Out of the Wall.

The crowd warmly celebrated the return of the rare book. The rare book was happy to hear that Dingfeng’s turnover increased. The good deed proposed to expand the business and open an investment company. The rare book was silent. Yun Heng praised the rare book to see the crisis and said that his experience in good deeds is not enough to manage the investment company. The power will fall into the hands of Rongtong, which will definitely affect Dingfeng Gold.

At the general meeting of shareholders, Rare Ben stated that it is still not time to open an investment company and that funds should be concentrated on Dingfeng Gold to realize Rongbang’s last wish to make Dingfeng Gold an internationally recognized gold. The public agreed and the good deeds were disappointed. Rubao liked a work that participated in the Jewelry Design Awards, hoping to let her work in Dingfeng, and she agreed. Sia won the design award champion and a trainee designer contract. Both happy and worried, Sky Blue encouraged her to accept.

When Rubao meets Xia, she realizes that she is Sky Blue’s mom. Xia announced that she had won the award and went to work at Dingfeng. She strongly opposed the mountain. The two women accused him of being a big man. Shou Kang asked Xia to touch the nail to persuade him. Xia met her old lover Yunhyung again on the first day at work, and immediately turned and left, and Yunhyung chased it out.

The two were chatting about the current situation in the restaurant, and Tianlan accidentally saw it and recalled seeing the two embracing when they were young. Yunhyung sends Shia home to meet Jae-san, causing Jae-san to be jealous. Tianlan went home and saw Zaishan accusing the two of them as old acquaintances, and saw Xia denying it and confessing what she had seen in the past. Xia argued but the two did not believe it.

Zaishan even said that she suspected that Tianlan was not her biological daughter, Xia was angry. Ran away from home. Rubao learns the whole story, comforts Xia and asks Liv to take her in. The rare book informs Tianlan Xia where he lives, and Yunhyung swears that they are innocent. Tianlan apologized to Xia and persuaded her to go home. Xia indicated that she had to come to the mountain to apologize before returning home.

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