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Golden Faith 流金岁月 Episode 25 Recap

Shou Kang Touches Sky Blue’s Heart.

Wen Ji said that the lawsuit may not necessarily be lost, but the rare book insisted on pleading guilty for his actions, and Wen Ji was helpless. Wen Ji went to the Legal Department to find scholars, saying that they did not have enough evidence to convict, and the rare books were repentant and voluntarily punished. They should be dealt with lightly.

The two sides reached an agreement and Ben was sentenced to six weeks in prison. Shou Kang asked her to go fishing on the weekend, but Sky Blue was noncommittal. Shou Kang said that chasing a girl requires resilience and patience just like doing an undercover. He decided to wait for the sky blue to appear at the dock every weekend. Xiao Yu blessed him. Shou Kang was waiting for the sky blue at the dock, and was overjoyed when he saw sky blue appear when he was depressed. Tian Lan found out that Shia had a lot of receipts signed at the restaurant.

Xiaoyu admitted that Shia did not go to cooking class and bought all the food every day. At this time, the second girl refused to travel with Shia on the grounds of taking the class above. , Suspicious. The second woman followed Xia and found that she was taking a jewelry design course. Xia admitted that she had always been interested in jewelry design, but she gave up without the support of Zaishan and had to take care of them.

She hopes to obtain the certificate for self-affirmation, and the two girls support her. The three went home and saw Zai Shan being interviewed by the TV station. It turns out that his novel won the Creative Borderless Award. Tian Lan went to work at a law firm and Shou Kang delivered a homemade lunch. Tian Lan praised him for his good cooking skills. Shou Kang said that happiness is not inevitable and revealed that he would take care of himself since elementary school.

Tian Lan’s impression of him changed. Shoukang told his family how to impress Tianlan with lunch. The public thought that he was exaggerating and Shoukang was angry. Jia Rui envied that Liv received flowers from the rare book remote control every day. Good deeds said that he would send her a flower basket, and Jia Rui took the opportunity to ask him for lunch. Jiarui and Tweet had a quarrel over flowers, and later learned that they were both engaged in good deeds.

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