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Golden Faith 流金岁月 Episode 24 Recap

Sky Blue Rare Book Peaceful Breakup.

The seven jury left the court to discuss the verdict, but their opinions were divided. The judge was disappointed with the jury’s verdict, but respected their verdict and reserved the right to pursue rare books that obstructed justice. The reporter asked Sky Blue how she felt favored but didn’t love her. Sky Blue kept silent and Shou Kang helped her out. When the two met the rare book in the parking lot, Shou Kang couldn’t help but punched him.

Liv was upset about hurting the relationship between Rare Book and Sky Blue. Rare Book said that it was not suitable for Sky Blue. After this case, she found that she really liked her in her heart. Liv Xi turned her heart. Shou Kang accused the rare book of distorting the facts and betraying Sky Blue’s feelings and reputation, but Sky Blue calmly defended the rare book, and accused him of making mistakes with emotions. Shou Kang smiled bitterly.

The rare book went to Tianlan’s house. The two met downstairs. The rare book apologized to her. Tianlan explained that he couldn’t help himself. He also knew that he never put love first, let alone abandon Liv, but he did so. It made her very sad, and the rare book could not watch fireworks with other women, eat pillow packs, send her guardian star, etc. The rare book hugged her and said that he could not bear her. Tianlan went home to comfort her family, reiterated that she had made mistakes without favoritism, and decided to resign and change circumstances.

Everyone was happy that the rare book and Liv became a couple, only Wen Ji knew it well. The rare book met with Huaigu and Kunyu, lamenting that the distance between Shoukang and Shoukang has become farther since the case. Huaigu said that there is a day to recognize each other with a clear conscience. Sky Blue submitted a resignation letter, and her boss Wen Guoqiang said that she did not need to take the blame to resign, but Sky Blue had decided.

The rare book delivered the lunch box. Liv opened it and saw that it was a diamond ring. The rare book proposed to her. Liv was surprised and delighted. At this time, the rare book received a court summons accusing him of obstructing justice.

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