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Golden Faith 流金岁月 Episode 23 Recap

Rare Book Sacrifices Sky Blue to Save Liv.

Good deeds temporarily replaced Dingfeng’s chief executive officer and pacified all employees. Both Shoukang and Congxin believed that the rare book was a crime for Liv, but there was only environmental evidence and no witnesses. Xuelun proposed to persuade the rare book to become a witness for the prosecution. Unfortunately, Rare Ben would rather go to jail with Liv than accuse her of murder. After Tianlan learned about it, she sought for treasures, pointing out that rare books always value her family, and persuaded her to lobby the rare books with family affection.

Rubao and Shan Xing went to see the rare book, saying that neither the Ding family nor Dingfeng could live without him, and that he could not commit Liv in order to fulfill Rongbang’s last wish. The rare book moved slightly, but in the end he refused. Tianlan had to go to see the rare book in person, persuade him to turn to be a witness for the prosecution, and seek immunity from prosecution, so that Liv’s charge could be mitigated, and no one could get rid of the person who had acted for her.

The rare book refused and suppressed his feelings and told Sky Blue that they had no future, and Sky Blue was frustrated. Wen Ji suggested that the rare book be turned into a witness for the prosecution, but he had to sacrifice Sky Blue to save Liv and told the whole plan. The rare book agreed. After Xuelun applied for exemption from prosecution for the rare book, the rare book made counter-evidence in court, and Xuelun was confused with Tianlan.

The rare book said the reason for repentance, and the crowd was in an uproar. When Tianlan saw him using himself, his heart was cut. Xuelun proposed to the judge to dissolve the jury. Wen Ji objected to the detriment of Liv’s interests, and the hearing continued. At this time, Liv also overturned the previous testimony, claiming that he did not kill, and even revealed his relationship with Baitao and had been tortured, and frankly said that he loved the rare book before devoting himself to Baitao to retrieve the crown. Sky Blue heard the thoughts fluctuating. Xuelun and Wenji respectively made closing statements, and Liv was uneasy.

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