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Golden Faith 流金岁月 Episode 22 Recap

Bai Tao was killed and Liv confessed.

Liv packs up her belongings and wants to leave Dingfeng, Jia Rui advises her not to give up everything, but Liv insists on leaving so that it will not hurt the rare books. Liv walked around the workshop and called the rare book reluctantly. He was shocked that it was Bai Tao’s voice. Bai Tao revealed that the rare book was in his hands and killed Fang Hui who had betrayed him. Liv was panicked to see her immediately. Rare Ben woke up and found that he was trapped in the carriage with Tianlan.

The car gradually sank to the bottom of the sea, and the sea water continued to seep into the carriage. He was shocked, and then declared to Tianlan that he did not kill Jichang and hoped to get back with her. Tianlan agreed. When Liv arrived on Baitao’s yacht, Baitao said frankly that he had sunk the rare corpse into the sea, and Liv suddenly broke into the blue.

Bai Tao embraced Liv and said that she would go so far away. Liv decided to take revenge on the rare book and quietly poured gold water into the red wine. Rare Book and Sky Blue were able to escape, Sky Blue went to the police, and Rare Book rushed to find Liv. The rare book arrived at the yacht and was shocked to see Baitao collapsed, so he called Wenji for help. The police hunted Baitao Zhiyacht, Liv yelled that he had killed someone, but the rare book claimed that he was the real murderer.

Liv competes with the rare book to claim that he is the murderer, and Wen Ji blames the rare book to admit the murder without waiting for him to deploy. The rare book decides to defend himself, writing Wen Ji to defend Liv, and Wen Ji is helpless. Xuelun and Congxin are responsible for prosecuting the murder of the two rare books. Tianlan is sad when he sees the rare books pleaded guilty, and Rubao is worried.

The public was worried that the case would affect Hui Dingfeng’s business, and Rongtong proposed that Good Deeds temporarily take over Dingfeng for peace of mind, and Yunheng and Rubao support it. Tianlan reiterated to his family that the rare book did not kill Jichang and Baitao, and privately revealed to Xiaoyu that he had always loved the rare book, lamenting that when the two of them had hope, things always happened.

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