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Golden Faith 流金岁月 Episode 20 Recap

Shou Kang jumped into the sea and hit someone to death.

Shanyin envy Tianlan can work and earn money, and Tianlan is born with me to encourage her to fight for Rubao. Tian Lan went home to see Shou Kang and decided to let him retreat. Shou Kang was very excited when he heard that Tian Lan asked him to cruise on the river. Shoukang was disappointed when he saw that Tianlan also made an appointment with Congxin and other female colleagues to cruise the river. Shoukang knew that Sky Blue was selling him to all the women, heartbroken, and jumped into the sea because Sky Blue was unbearable, and when he was drowning, Sky Blue hurriedly jumped to rescue him.

Shoukang confessed that he was an orphan, chasing girls only for the purpose of establishing a family, and that he only liked her from beginning to end. Tianlan relented and agreed to be friends with him, Shoukang rekindled hope. On the way home from good deeds, he accidentally knocked down a mother-in-law and left in a panic.

Huaigu knew that it was a good deed and called the rare book to give him a chance to surrender. Rare book called Kindness should have the courage to face the problem. Kindness hung up the phone in a flustered manner and went to Rongtong for help. Rongtong ordered him to report the lost car to the police station. The rare book tells Rubao that his good deeds hit someone to death, and Rubao was shocked. At this time, good deeds came back and falsely claimed that the car had been stolen.

Huaigu angrily blames the rare book for buying others to commit the crime, and the rare book frequently complains that he is wronged, but he thinks that good deeds are young and it is a good thing to get rid of sin. There is a lingering fear of good deeds, Rongtong relieved him, and took the opportunity to speak ill of the rare book. Seeing that Xiaoyu was trapped by love, Guangliang suggested that she go to her sister’s shop to ask about marriage with tarot cards. Xiaoyu was moved. Sister Guangliang pointed out that Xiaoyu had a crush on her boss, and said that the two will suddenly appear in Shiliang, and Xiaoyu hurriedly left.

Guangliang encouraged her to compete fairly with Tianlan, and Xiaoyu smiled bitterly. Shoukang asked Tianlan to ride a bicycle. Tianlan pointed out that he had no new ideas. Shoukang dragged her into a cave and lit fireworks. Tianlan saw the fireworks leaving sad, and Shoukang was unsure.

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