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Golden Faith 流金岁月 Episode 2 Recap

Rongbang’s testimony is bad for rare books

Rare Book and Sky Blue do not recognize each other outside the court, and Sky Blue is disappointed that he broke the law. Rong Bang Qi Rare Book made his own claim to meet with Uncle Chai, saying that he never wanted his children to run into a business to start Dingfeng Gold. He was even more worried that the Rare Book would go to jail for this. The lawyer Zhao Wenji claimed that he was confident of winning the lawsuit. Tian Lan learned from colleague Yi Yi from his heart that the benevolent father Rongbang used to be a black background, and lamented that if there is a father, there must be a son. Luo Jichang, an old friend of Rongbang, met with Rongbang and urged Rongbang to make up for the public funds embezzled by the rare book as soon as possible. Rongbang excitedly said that as long as his son is safe, nothing else. Tian Lan went to the police station to discuss the case and heard that Shou Kang said that when he was undercover, the most unbearable thing was to see the hot girl.

Then he was scolded and slapped by a woman, A Bing. . The mother of the rare book, Shen Rubao, asked for a sign for the rare book, but unfortunately, he was able to get a sign. Yun Heng sister said that accumulation of good fortune can solve the bad luck, such as Baoxin has a decision. Rongbang angrily blames Rubao for talking and arranging boats to let the rare book escape, Rubao feels wronged. Before the rare book went to court, he met Shou Kang whistling in the bathroom and was startled when he heard his song. In court, Wen Ji accused Shoukang of speculating that the rare book was the receiver of the stolen goods without hearing the dialogue between Uncle Chai, Rongbang and the rare book, and Shoukang was speechless. Tianlan pointed out that the reason for the rare book to pay back his father was far-fetched. Rongbang said in a moment that Uncle Chai had blocked a shot for him, and he even directly admitted that he had a record of receiving the stolen money.

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