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Golden Faith 流金岁月 Episode 19 Recap

Shouyao actively pursues the sky blue.

When Jiarui went home, she saw Baitao entangle Liv, guessing that Liv exchanged herself for the crown in Baitao’s hand, and blamed her for making such sacrifices and she would not get any promises from the rare book. Liv wept bitterly. Jiarui lost her temper to good deeds and accidentally revealed that Liv was dedicated to the crown. Good deeds angrily rushed to find the rare book, and accused him of not being allowed to replace it with a fake crown, but let Liv dedicate her life to a double standard. The rare book learned that Baitao would harass Liv again, and found him unlucky.

The reporter asked Bai Tao why Fanghui did not attend the propaganda activities. Bai Tao pointed out that she had traveled abroad. The rare book warns Baitao not to entangle Liv anymore, Baitao is not angry. Shou Kang Mai Qi Zai Shan’s novel pleased him, and made Sky Blue disgusted. Tianlan was invited to attend the birthday party of Chencun Primary School in the mainland, and encouraged Shoukang to go with him in the mountain, and Tianlan also accompanied Xiaoyu.

Tianlan asked Shoukang to buy soft drinks for the children. Shoukang went to buy with Xiaoyu, and then asked Xiaoyu to return to Hong Kong alone, so as not to hinder him and Tianlan. Xiaoyu left in anger, but accidentally sprained his foot. Sky Blue was shocked to see that the rare book and Shan Yin also came to Chencun, and Sky Blue generously played games with the children with the rare book. Shoukang sent her home after being bearish on her back.

When Shoukang wanted to stay for dinner, Xiaoyu blamed him for being higher in manpower and position than her, but often came to “cengfan”. Everyone was surprised that she was so irritable. Xia sees that Xiaoyu likes Shoukang and uses the soy sauce to persuade her not to fight with Tianlan. Xiaoyu denies it. Tianlan persuaded Xiaoyu to boldly express to her loved ones that Xiaoyu smiled bitterly and said that those she liked did not like herself.

Rare Book received a bomb call from Dingfeng Gold Shop and hurriedly evacuated the customers. Fortunately, he made a false alarm. Baitao reported to the police station that Fanghui had been missing for many days, and Shoukang set out to investigate Fanghui’s entry and exit records and lover. Shanyin makes an appointment with Tianlan for dinner, and Tianlan is disappointed when she sees Shanyin’s appointment alone.

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